Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone! I've tried this blog thing in the past, and just haven't had the time to stay up with it. It could quite possibly happen that way again, but I'm certainly going to try!
I can't help but be thankful that summer is drawing to a close! Not only is fall my most favorite time of year, this summer has been full of record high temps, and record humidity. Giant UGH! Plus, September = football!!!!!! And I'm already getting in the mood to start baking and decorating with cornstalks and pumpkins, though it's still a bit early. I must be patient......I'm NO good at this patience thing!

Life is hectic, to say the least, with a 9 month old running the house. Ahh, Hendrix. Where do I start? This little boy has brought more joy to Matt and my lives in the last 9 months than both of our whole lives combined!! Matt made the comment the other day, when he got home from work, "Hendrix, you've brought me more joy in the last 5 minutes, than I've felt in the last year," and it's so true! He's such a bubbly, bright little boy and I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to instantly fall in love with him. :) You'll learn much more about him in blogs to come, cause I could talk about this little mini-man forever!
Matt is working for W Newell & Company, as a produce specialist, and I am at Schindler elevator, as a dispatcher of elevator mechanics. We both enjoy our jobs (for the most part), and definitely feel blessed to have them in this tough economic era. We have a house in Grand Rapids, OH, which is a small villate that we absolutely adore. Grand Rapids is such a beautiful little village, and I could post a blog about it alone! In fact, once the leaves start to change, I'm sure pictures will come! I must also post a separate blog about our house, and the progess we've made on it! It's a nice little starter home and we've enjoyed it so far!
So, that's a little introduction to the Metz family. Stay tuned for stories of Metz Family Adventures!
Stephanie, Matt, Hendrix, and Corduroy

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