Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I picked Hendrix up from on Friday afternoon, and his teachers mentioned that he was kind of "throwing" his left leg when he walked. One of the teachers acted fairly concerned, while another one stated that it could be normal, since he was walking so early.

I went into daycare yesterday (Tuesday) to pick him up, and his teacher (same one that acted concerned yesterday) seemed more concerned, and thought that the problem was with his hip. She thought maybe his hip was out of socket, abnd he had some dysplasia. My gut instinct is telling me that he's fine, but I called the dr and made an appointment.

He goes to the doctor tomorrow at 4:30 pm. I just know they're going to tell me that it's normal for him to walk funny, since he's only 10 months, and send me on my way. But, I'd rather waste my time and money to know that he's ok than to say that I don't want to waste my time and money, and have something be wrong with him.

He's not acting like he's in any pain. I can take his knees and move his hip joints in full circles with no reaction from him. I pull up on his legs to raise his bum when diapering and dressing him, and that doesnt seem to bother him either. As mentioned, he does throw the leg a tiny bit, and his left foot turns out also, but I don't think he's got dysplasia. But.......we'll see for sure tomorrow.

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