Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holy cow! I looked at the calendar today and realized that September is very, very quickly drawing to a close! I'm excited, as October is my favorite month, I'm just shocked! I'm going to blink, and Hendrix will be celebrating his 1st birthday!

Matt and I started our fall cleaning over the weekend. We organized 1 of the 4 upstairs closets (ugh.....only 25% done), Matt washed the windows, I organized the armoire in our bathroom, and we did general weekly cleaning. We've got a lot left to do, but I always get in the cleaning mood around this time of year. The Kane family is coming to visit us this weekend, so that should give us the push we need to do some more cleaning this weekend!

Wade, Amy, and Kenna should arrive mid-day Saturday. That gives us time to do any running-around that we need to do on Saturday morning. I am getting the oil changed in my car at 8 on Saturday. I believe we're all going out to eat Saturday evening at Biaggi's, the most amazing Italian restaurant I've ever been to! Then, we may walk around Levis Commons and enjoy. That place is so neat! Sunday, Amy mentioned wanting to go to church with me, so we'll probably do that, then of course watch football Sunday afternoon. Woo hoo! I'm putting on a pot of chili and I'll make some spinach artichoke dip. Mmmmmmm. Not sure when they'll go home. They mentioned staying Sunday night and leaving Monday morning, but I"m not sure their final plans.

16 days until our Toronto trip!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Matt and I are in need of a getaway together. We haven't even been out to dinner together in over 10 months. Geesh!

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