Friday, September 24, 2010

No Hip Problems!

We received good news at the doctor yesterday, as expected. Hendrix doesn't have anything wrong with his hip. I really didn't think he did, but the doctor confirmed it. She did a full exam of his hips, moved his legs through full range of motion, and watched him walk for a few minutes. She did note that he tends to point his right toe in a bit when he walks, but that it's nothing to be concerned with at this point, and that I can mention it to his primary doctor at his one year check up. So that's what I'll do, and we can all relax until then!

It's another hot one today! It's now officially fall, but the last two days have been really warm. The high today is in the mid 80's. It's supposed to cool off tomorrow and stay in the 60's and 70's for the next 10 days or so. I'm so excited to get out and start taking fall pictures. The leaves around here are just starting to show small bursts of color! The combines are in the fields, and everyone's allergies are going crazy. It's officially fall. :)

We tried something new with Corduroy last night. He isn't the most trustworthy dog in the world, so we have him caged all day while we're gone. We were caging him at night also. Well, I started to feel really guilty about having the poor dog in his cage for 18-20 hours a day. So, due to some confusion between Matt and I, neither of us knew the other was going to bed (sounds weird, I know) and we both ended up in the bedroom, and Corduroy was out in the hallway, outside of our bedroom. We just told him to lay down and be good, and he did. Matt thought he'd go downstairs and get on the couch, and I thought we'd wake up and he'd be at the foot of our bed. Well, I was right. :) He did really well, and I'm excited that we dont have to cage him quite as much. I want to be a good dog-owner. We're getting him groomed on Sunday morning, and we can't wait! He smells and his hair is long and wild. I'll post before and after pics of him!

We have lots to do tonight and tomorrow morning in preparation for the Kane family visit. I'm going to go get in a quick workout after work, then head home to get started. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and I'll post pictures soon from this weekend!

-S,M,H, & C

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