Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, Labor Day has come and gone. Summer is unoficially over! Yay! Now, if we could just get the weather to cooperate until Thanksgiving and hover in the mid 60's and 70's, I'd be one happy camper!

Hendrix and I travelled to Rapid City, South Dakota over Labor Day weekend, along with Joyce (my mother-in-law), Brittany (Matt's brother, Nate's wife), and Nate and Britt's son, Landon (8.5 months). It was quite an adventure. While I have recovered from it, I think Hendrix is still playing catch-up. He was NOT a happy little boy when I got him out of bed this morning. It was a very enjoyable time, once we got there. Getting there was a complete disaster, however. Here's the recap:

Our flight was scheduled to leave Indianapolis at 12:30 pm on Thursday. It was delayed for maintenance reasons. It didn't end up taking off until about 1:15 pm. Our layover time in Minneapolis was less than an hour. So, the delay of the flight meant we'd miss our connection. So, while waiting for the plane in Indy, they changed our flights from Minneapolis. We were on standby for a flight at 5:20 pm, and in the case we didn't get that one, we were confirmed for the only other flight that day, which was at 9:45 pm. Well, our plane finally took off from Indy, and once we got to Minneapolis, we all had to use the restroom (we're ladies). We're finishing up in the bathroom, and hear an overhead announcement for "Final Boarding Call for flight whatever to Rapid City." We all freeze, look at each other, then frantically start packing up the boys and our things and we literally run accross the terminal to this flight, having no clue if we're going to make it or not. We get to the gate, and the lady at the counter says, "There you girls are! We've been waiting for you!" Brittany says,"Can we get on this flight?" Counter lady says, "No, I'm sorry. I just gave away your seats." You can visibily see all of our shoulders slumping in disappointment. :( So now, all we had to do was wait, and hope we got on the 5:20 flight. At this point, it was 2:30 in the afternoon. We hung around and did NOT end up getting the 5:20 flight. More disappointment. So then, we had a lot more waiting to do, for the 9:45 flight, for which we were confirmed. We had a nice dinner together, and tried to keep the kiddos entertained. Landon was a perfect angel, of course. Hendrix did very well until about 9 pm, which was 10 pm our time - 2 hours past his bed time. He was getting worse by the minute. We finally got into our seat, and Hendrix melted down. Screaming, thrashing, stiffening out, throwing back his head, all-out FIT. I tried giving him a warm bottle, I tried the pacifier, I tried his blankey, I tried everything I could think of. After, like, 20 minutes of the biggest fit of his life, I melted down right along with him. I was so embarassed and had no idea what to do. Well, when we started taxying down the runway and they shut the cabin lights off, his sobs turned to whimpers, and he FINALLY fell asleep. It was horrendous.

We got the boys in bed around 2 am our time (midnight mountain time), and I think I crawled into bed around 2:30. I got about 5 hours of sleep that night.

The next day, Friday, we got to meet the great-aunts and uncles, and Hendrix's great-grandma and grandpa. Great Grandma has Alzheimers, and she spent the first couple hours thinking that Hendrix and Landon were adopted. She got better as the day went along. Uncle Gary had rented a large 15-pass van, and we drove around the Black Hills for a couple hours. It was very beautiful! Friday evening, the whole family gathered at Aunt Bobbi's house (where we were staying) and had pizza. It was quite enjoyable!

Saturday morning, we went to see Aunt Bobbi's school (she is a teacher), and cousin Lora's apartment. Then, we stopped at a couple jewelry shops (Black Hills Gold) on our way to Mt. Rushmore. Mt Rushmore was awesome! We went on a guided tour and heard the history of the mountain, and it was very, very interesting. After Mt Rushmore, Brittany, Lora, myself, and the boys went to the mall. There was a BodiesHuman exhibit going on! we got to see that, which was awesome. Then, we went to dinner at Gary and Sharon's house that evening. We had a cookout and it was very laid backed and relaxed.

Then, the next day, we came home, with MUCH less drama. Hendrix slept the entire 3.5 hour drive from Indianapolis to Grand Rapids. The poor boy is wiped. Yesterday (Labor Day), I worked and Matt watched him. Matt said he took a total of about 5 hours worth of naps. Then, as I mentioned, he was a grouch when I woke him up this morning for day care. We'll see how he's doing tonight. Hopefully well, cause we have to charge the battery on Matt's personal car and get it into Bowling Green to have it checked out before we sell it.

This week is crazy busy. But anyhoo.....Happy End of Summer to all! I'll post South Dakota pictures on Facebook shortly!

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