Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Winter Garden," by Kristin Hannah

I just finished reading "Winter Garden," by Kristin Hannah. It was an extremely good novel.

Although it was fiction, it is based on the very real Siege of Leningrad, which started in September of 1941 and lasted almost three years. It was the story of a young mother of two just trying to survive, and keep her children alive. During the siege, there was no food, electricity, or water. This young woman lost her four-year-old son to scurvy, and thought her daughter and husband had been killed by a bomb, only to be reunited 60 years later with her daughter. It was heartbreaking, intense, and incredible fascinating to read a fictitious story about something so very real and tragic. It prompted me to do some research into the siege of Leningrad, and I found these images.


Families pulling their passed loved ones to places of burial on sleds.

Dead bodies in the streets, frozen to death. The book stated, people were "freezing where they stood."
After reading this fiction novel, I believe I may look into some non-fiction works about the siege. As catastrophic as this event was, I don't really remember studying it in school.

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