Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up: A Little Bit of Everything

Wow - I let a few days slip by without an update. Life has just been so busy and it won't slow down!!

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta for my job, and to meet the local office personnel down there. I wouldn't really call it a "productive" trip, but it was enjoyable, and it's always good to put faces with the names you speak to on the phone every day.

Well, it's almost here - Hendrix's 1st birthday. This week should prove to be a busy one, as we get ready for the party. Poor little guy has been running a fever since yesterday morning, so he's home today with daddy. I'm praying he can get better. It's so hard to watch your little one suffer. We got his 1st haircut over the weekend. He did so well, and sat very still, even when the stylist got out the clippers! He looks like such a little man. My heart swells each time I look at him! <3

I'm working on bettering my relationship with the Lord right now. I feel like I've gotten off track, and I hate that feeling. Satan is just so good at being evil and pulling you slowly off track before you even realize you're headed in the wrong direction. I've been praying a lot though, and asking God to just invade every part of me so that I can be an exemplary Christian and an example to others.

I'm hoping to get down the fall decorations this week and get up the white icicle lights for Christmas! I also want to hang greenery with the red bow on our porch pillars. I always think that looks so sharp. I really need to get going on my Christmas shopping!! So far I have gotten for Hendrix: a set of plastic animals and a sit-&-spin. I have his birthday done (radio flyer wagon, some clothes, and some Dr. Seuss Books). The pressure is mounting, it's almost officially Christmas time......eep! Maybe next weekend we can do some serious shopping.

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