Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Faltan sólo 10 días!!! (Only 10 days left!!!)

Only ten days until Christmas!! I sure am glad I got my shopping done last weekend.

Hendrix is getting: a Power Wheels for small toddlers, a few articles of clothing, a puzzle, some crayons, one of those blow-up weeble-wobble thingies, and a toddler-sized easy chair (maybe some other things that i've forgotten, but not much more). I could have easily spent a ton of money on him, but he hardly plays with toys - he's much happier with measuring spoons and canned goods! hahaha. Plus, even though he's too young to understand, I don't want to raise my child with the expectation that he will just get 50 gifts, and whatever he wants at Christmas. I want to make sure I instill a giving heart in him as well.

Matt, Hendrix, and I will be celebrating our family Christmas on Thursday, December 23rd. We're heading to Indiana as soon as Matt gets home on Friday, so there won't be time that day. Hendrix is young enough that he doesn't even know who Santa is, let alone what night of the year he comes, so I can get away with a bit of fibbing! I'm so excited to be going home for Christmas! We see our families so seldom, with being so busy and living far away. We just cannot wait to spend a whole weekend with everyone. We're staying in Elwood with the Metz's on Friday night. We're heading to Portland mid-morning Saturday, then staying with the Phillips's Saturday night. Then, we're heading home Sunday. 10 DAYS!!!!!

Well, hope everyone enjoys these last few days of the Christmas season. After Christmas is over, the only thing we have to look forward to is the long, slow, COLD part of winter that just drags and drags.......ugh.

Happy holidays!! :o)

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