Monday, December 27, 2010

Made it through Christmas!

Whew! We made it. What a BUSY holiday season.

We had our family Christmas at home on Wednesday evening, 12/23. I got my Kindle and I love it! Hendrix also got some gifts, of which I will post more pictures later.

My Kindle 3G, on it's "sleep" screen.

Couldn't get the booger to stop drinking for 2 seconds so I could get a smile. Stinker face.

I called off work on Friday 12/24, because Hendrix's daycare was closed and we had no one to watch him. So we were able to head to Indiana around 12:30. We spent Friday evening with the Metz's, and Saturday afternoon/evening with my family in Portland. It was enjoyable. We were certainly glad to get back home on Sunday though.

Our big Christmas surprise for everyone was the announcement that Hendrix is going to be a big brother!! I'm due on June 27th, 2011. Everyone was pretty excited.

I have felt pretty under-the-weather since yesterday morning. I'm at work today, but feeling very nauseous and weak/shaky. It's not baby-related, as I'm 14 weeks along and haven't been sick hardly at all. I think I've just got a bug or something. Hopefully some rest this evening can kick it.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Bring on 2011!!!

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