Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our household seems to be recovering well..... *KNOCK ON WOOD!!!*

Matt woke up this morning feeling better. I felt very cruel, but last night, I quarantined him to our bedroom and sprayed the entire downstairs with Lysol! I let him come downstairs once I had Hendrix in bed. Hehehehe. I felt bad, but he seemed to understand. And so far, Hendrix is still well. He was being a little demon this morning, but didn't seem to be sick. Poor baby's getting his lower molars, and they're bothering him, which I think was why the fits have been coming so frequently lately - he's just frustrated.

The tentative plan is to have our family Christmas with just the three of us tonight. We had originally planned to do it tomorrow evening, but with so much going on, and so much to do tomorrow evening (before our departure to Indiana-land), I think we will do it tonight. Plus, our poor Christmas tree has seen its last day, I think. It's soooo dry! You barely touch a branch, and , like, 20 needles fall to the ground. It's humorous, but a little scary at the same time! Though the lights won't be on while we're gone, we kind of just want to get it out of the house for our peace of mind. So, that being said, we are planning on doing our Christmas tonight, then taking down the tree tomorrow evening before we head out Friday. It will just simplify things. We'll see though. As always, plans are subject to change at a moment's notice! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying these last few days of the Christmas season!

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