Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another busy weekend


We had a very busy weekend! I have yet to get the pictures downloaded to my computer (I do most of these blogs at work, and pictures are on the computer at home), but I will try to get pictures from this weekend on here soon.

Friday evening, we headed out from Grand Rapids about 4:45, and arrived in Anderson, IN around 7 pm, at Nate, Brittany, and Landon's house. We enjoyed some Pizza King pizza, a rare treat for us buckeyes! We just hung out and let the boys play together. They are just so darn cute!

Hendrix, riding the truck

Saturday, Brittany and I ran to Kohl's, because she was looking for a pair of boots. She didn't have success with the boots, but we both found new purses! Brittany's purse is leather, and different color stripes. I have been looking for a blue leather-type purse for a few months now. I came accross one and checked the price tag, and it said $6.99! This purse was originally priced at $49.99 - what a steal! I thought that maybe the sticker was wrong, as this was a pretty nice purse, and sure enough, when the cashier rang up the purse, it rang up at a sale price of $32, but he gave it to me for $7, since that's what the sticker said. I was pretty excited. :)

My new blue purse

After purse shopping, we headed back to Nate and Britt's house and got ready for family pictures. Jon and Rachael arrived around 11 am, and proceeded to announce that they're expecting! Rachael is due June 13th. How exciting - another niece or nephew in the Metz family! Larry and Joyce arrived after that, and then the Metz Caravan headed out down I-69 to Plainfield, where we got family pictures taken. I have been able to see the proofs online, and they're such great pictures. I ordered 31 pictures, and will hopefully have them within a month or so. I can't wait to put together a Christmas card!

After pictures, we headed to my mom and dad's house in Portland. We went out to eat at El Camino Real. That's another rare treat for us, since we live 2 hours away. Delicious....... Granny got Hendrix some Elmo slippers for Halloween. They fit him perfectly, and are so cute! Once we got Hendrix to bed, Matt and I headed out to The Greazy Pickle - the only 1/2 way decent bar in Portland (not such a treat) and spent a few hours with Jo, Dave, Matt McDowell, Ryan Scott, Scott Hopkins, and Chastity Thomas. It was great to catch up with everyone.

Hendrix in his new Elmo slippers from Granny

It's always enjoyable to be able to spend time with our family, but it's so exhausting! We are staying home until the weekend of December 4th, which is Rylee's birthday party. The family will be coming in 3 weeks to our house for Hendrix's birthday party, but it's relaxation until then.
Hope everyone has a great week. Keep smiling. Let my little work buddy remind you to "Keep a Smile in Your Voice!" (Cheesy, yes. But cute.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Winter Garden," by Kristin Hannah

I just finished reading "Winter Garden," by Kristin Hannah. It was an extremely good novel.

Although it was fiction, it is based on the very real Siege of Leningrad, which started in September of 1941 and lasted almost three years. It was the story of a young mother of two just trying to survive, and keep her children alive. During the siege, there was no food, electricity, or water. This young woman lost her four-year-old son to scurvy, and thought her daughter and husband had been killed by a bomb, only to be reunited 60 years later with her daughter. It was heartbreaking, intense, and incredible fascinating to read a fictitious story about something so very real and tragic. It prompted me to do some research into the siege of Leningrad, and I found these images.


Families pulling their passed loved ones to places of burial on sleds.

Dead bodies in the streets, frozen to death. The book stated, people were "freezing where they stood."
After reading this fiction novel, I believe I may look into some non-fiction works about the siege. As catastrophic as this event was, I don't really remember studying it in school.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally! A low-key, no-plans weekend at home!

For the first (and probably last) time in a very long time, we had a quiet weekend at home with no obligations, no plans, no schedule! It was fabulous. Hendrix let us sleep until around 7:30 on Saturday morning. We got up, got ready, and went shopping for family pictures next weekend. Matt and Hendrix were the high class, preppy boys. Matt got a black cashmere sweater. Hendrix got a Chaps brand navy sweater vest and a Chaps white collared shirt to go under it. So adorable! I picked up a really cute V-neck, simple black sweater for $18.00. Hahaha! After shopping, we went to the Bowling Green library and all got a few books! Hendrix got 4 cardboard books, because he doesn't understand yet, that we don't rip pages out of books. Matt got a book titled "Intellectuals in Society," (which he said sounded interesting, but reads way too slowly for him) and I got the first Harry Potter book to read again, and also "Winter Garden," by Kristin Hannah. I'm about 1/2 way through it, and so far it's pretty good. Saturday afternoon, Matt worked in the yard. He mowed, for hopefully the last time, raked leaves, and we all played outside for a while.

Sunday, Hendrix woke up just before 7 am. I got him breakfast, and took a quick shower while he was occupied with his breakfast. I was playing keyboard with the worship team, and had to be at church at 9 am. We put Hendrix in the nursery, and he seemed to be doing fun, until Mason, another little boy, started fussing, and I think it caused a chain reaction. :) After church we headed home, all took a short nap, and watched football and played outside for the rest of the day. It was a very enjoyable and low-key weekend. I wish there were more of those.....

However, I'm afraid the busy part of the year is just beginning. But oh well, we'll go with the flow. This weekend we are traveling home to Elwood and Portland for family pictures. It'll be a very busy and tiring weekend, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the family.

Here are a few shots I got this past weekend.......

I thought the clouds looked awesome above the church steeple on Sunday morning!

Cheesing for the camera, which Goldfish Crackers in his mouth!

He was showing me the leaves he had discovered. They were so crunchy!

Playing on the playground equipment down at the elementary school as the sun sank lower in the sky.

Daddy likes to have fun with Hendrix!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scenes from the Metz Fall 2010

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our Fall 2010 so far!

This is Amy, Kenna, and Wade Kane on our riverbed walk (09/25/10).

This is Ms. Kenna blowing bubbles for Hendrix on our back deck (09/25/2010).

This is my little Jonny Appleseed (10/12/2010)!

I captured these two bright red trees on one of our evening walks (10/12/2010).
Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful leaves and temperatures as much as we are! God Bless. Love, Matt, Steph, Hendrix, and Corduroy

Our Toronto Trip (10/07 - 10/10)

I'm finally getting around to posting about Toronto! I attempted this last night at home, then my crap computer froze and I lost the whole thing. GRRR.

So.....Matt and I headed out Thursday morning, around 8 am. Besides being the most boring drive of my life, the construction on the highway all the way to Toronto was so annoying! We finally arrived to our hotel around 3 pm and checked in. We rested and relaxed at the hotel Thursday afternoon, then went to The Rex to see a jazz show that evening, and had a few beers.
Friday morning we went to the CN Tower. My fear of heights was most definitely confirmed this day! The CN tower is over 1,800 feet tall. After much persuasion, I gathered the courage to step onto the glass floor, which you can see below. It lasted all of .7 seconds....hehehe. I was on the glass long enough to snap a picture, then I was back on solid, non-transparent ground! It was a cool experience though. The 360-view of Toronto was awesome! After the CN Tower, we headed across the street to the Steam Whistle Brewery. We took a tour, though it wasn't a production day. Then we were able to sample some of their pilsner, which was quite delicious!! After our trek to the brewery and the tower, we had a quick lunch in PATH (underground shops and restaurants), then headed back to the hotel for a nap. After our 2.5 hour nap, we got dressed and went to our much anticipated dinner at Embrujo Flamenco, where we enjoyed tortilla espanola, queso manchego, paella, and sangria. It was all so delicious!!! After dinner we enjoyed a few drinks in the hotel lobby, then headed to bed.

( View down from standing on the glass floor......eeeeep!)

(CN Tower, view from the ground)

(Steam Whistle Brewery, right across the street from the CN Tower)

Saturday morning, we headed north to the University of Toronto area where we visited the Royal Ontario Museum. Matt had seen in a brochure that there was an exhibit on the First Emperor of China and the Terra Cotta Warriors, and he really wanted to see it. I wasn't thrilled at first, but I'm so glad we went. It was so amazing to see artifacts that were over 2,500 years old! The history was so rich and interesting. Pictures weren't allowed in the Emperor exhibit, but I did get some pictures at other parts of the museum. After the museum, we walked around Yonge-Dundas square for a while, and did a little shopping (I bought my first pair of skinny jeans!!). Then we - of course - headed back to the hotel and took a nap. Hahaha! Saturday evening we went to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to hear a performance of Rhapsody in Blue. It was really enjoyable. That pianist was amazing!

(A statue of Buddha @ the Royal Ontario Museum)
We were on the road at 6:30 am Sunday morning. We missed Hendrix really badly and wanted to get home. We got home around noon, despite the crazy, crawling traffic in Grand Rapids due to Applebutter fest. It was a really enjoyable time, and I look forward to our next vacation - one in which Hendrix will be in tow, surely!! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time is racing by.......

Wow, does time ever get away from you, or what?!? Matt and I have been married for over three years now, and our little man's 1st birthday is quickly approaching. ***sigh***

Matt and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last Wednesday, October 6th. Well, we didn't do much celebrating Wednesday, actually. My mom and her mom came over Wednesday evening, as they were going to stay all weekend and watch Hendrix while Matt and I went to Toronto. So Wednesday evening consisted of having dinner (my homemade veggie soup) with them, and relaxing, while going through the "routines" to make their stay with Hendrix easier!

Matt and I headed out for Toronto around 8 am on Thursday. While Toronto is an amazing city, I must say that the drive to get there is terrible!!! There was construstion the whole way, which didn't help, but besides that, there is absolutely no scenery whatsoever! But, after over 5 hours of driving, we finally arrived at our hotel and checked in. I will post pictures and a description of our trip soon.

I didn't want to come back to work today, after being off for almost a week. Hendrix was NOT a happy camper this morning either. I almost stayed home from work, because I thought he was sick. But, I think he had just had a nightmare. I could hear what almost sounded like gasping for air on the baby monitor. I went up and checked on him and he was breathing normally. I took our things out to the car and came back in, and he was doing the gasping thing again. Then he started crying. I went upstairs, and he still appeared to be asleep, but it was time to go anyway, so I picked him up. He kept crying, and didn't really stop for a good 10-15 minutes. I got him dressed and gave him some ibuprofen incase he was teething, etc, and got him in the car. Once he was in the car and awake, he seemed fine. I dropped him off at daycare at 6:45. It's now after 10 and they haven't called me. Poor little baby boy.

Sunday was Applebutter Fest in Grand Rapids. It took a long time to get through the traffic to our house. Once we got home and settled, we went out for a walk around town to see the festivities. It was a very hot day on Sunday, and I think that contributed to alllllllll the people in town. Oh my goodness, it was crazy! We walked down to the toepath and back home. People......everywhere...... I think next year we'll stay home and watch the festivities from our front porch. Hahahaha.

I really hope these hot temperatures go away for good. I was quite enjoying the cooler temps.