Monday, January 10, 2011

Big decision to be made......

Well, everyone knows by now that we're expecting baby number 2. When talking about daycare, I've kind of been in denial until a couple days ago. I knew it would be expensive, but when it came up in conversation, I would just kind of dismiss it, with "Oh, it'll work out."

Well, I started really thinking about it the other day, and reality smacked me in the face. Right now I pay $209 a week for Hendrix alone. Double that, and it's my entire salary. I'd be bringing home maybe $5 a week, after paying for daycare. There's no way I would ever do that. It doesn't make sense financially, nor would my consceince allow me to do it. How is it justifiable to work solely to pay someone else to spend more time with your children than you do? Easy answer: it's not.

My plan was to go part time, to second shift, which I really didnt want to do, since I'd never see Matt. (I was on 2nd shift when we first moved to Ohio, and it didn't work out well for us - we fought all the time.) I'll still do it if I have to, but a new ray of hope seems to be shining through the clouds right now.

There's a young lady at our church who is faced with going back to work after losing her baby at 18 weeks gestation. She would like to be able to stay home with her two boys, but needs an income source. We got to talking on Facebook, and we may be looking into taking our children to her. We were wanting to find a home daycare situation, and I trust her and her family, as they are very good, Christian people, who strive to put God and family first. Casey (her name) and I are going to talk this week. I'm hoping that something can work out. I just have to know that there will be permanence to the situation, and that I can count on her. I'm praying about it, and I know she is too.

I really, really don't want to pull Hendrix out of his current daycare, but there's just no other choice when baby #2 comes along. It's too expensive. Bottom line. Plus, I just feel like God has laid this option out in front of both of our families for a reason. I will keep praying, and update after I talk to her and find out more!

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