Friday, January 21, 2011


It's 8 degrees right now. I think the wind chill is about -10. As Hendrix would say, "Brrr!"

We finally made it to Friday. This has been a long drawn out week. Matt and I both took off next Friday and Monday, so we only have to work 4-day work weeks for the next 2 weeks. Woo hoo! This weekend, I'm picking up some overtime from 3p-8p on Saturday afternoon. I hate working overtime, but want to do my part. I'm not working OT next weekend (long weekend for me and Matt), and then mom and dad are coming to visit one of the next 2 following weekends, so I'm putting in my time this weekend and getting it out of the way for a month or so.

I'm planning on making monkey bread for breakfast tomorrow morning. Yumm! I haven't had monkey bread in ages, since mom used to make it when I lived at home. After breakfast, we just plan on hanging out around the house. I'd like to dig into that upstairs office a bit more, so we have less to do on it this weekend. Then I'll work, of course, then I'll come home with Taco Bell. That's kind of become a "mini-tradition" with Matt and I. If Steph works OT, Taco Bell is served when she gets home. We look forward to it. :)

Sunday, we'll be at church, then come home and watch football to see who's going to the superbowl! Should be a very relaxing weekend.

Hope you all enjoy!

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