Monday, January 24, 2011

The dreaded Monday...

I'll tell you what, I'm getting really tired of having headaches every day. That's all.
Anyhoo.....It's Monday, and it's definitely a "Monday" kind of Monday too. Eww. BUT, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. We asked for a positive attitude last night during family prayers, and I'm doing my part to keep mine.

Hendrix was an absolute BEAR this morning. He tends to be fussy and irritable 1st thing in the mornings when I wake him up, but he woke up this morning on this own, and was just screaming and crying and throwing a fit. I was scared that he wasn't feeling well, but daycare still hasn't called me, so who knows.

We had an enjoyable weekend. Saturday, we didn't go anywhere! (Well, other than my working OT 3-8pm). By us staying home Saturday morning, I can't help but to feel like we saved some money. Seems like every time we go into town, we end up dropping about $100. I made the monkey bread Saturday morning and it was really good. I managed to get a nap in for about an hour before having to go to work, which is always a blessing! Matt told me, when I got home, Saturday evening, that Hendrix went to bed without his pacifier!! I was super excited, and decided we'd go "cold turkey" from there on out.

Well.......after church on Sunday, we had lunch. After lunch I started telling Hendrix to get ready for a nap (he's a smart kid, he knows what I meant). We talked about it for about 15 minutes, then I put him in his pack & play. He messed around and was goofy for about 20 minutes, then started to get upset. He was fussing and crying and after 40 minutes of him being in that pack & play - wide awake - we ended up giving up and gave him his paci. The little boy was out cold within 3 minutes. So, needless to say - cold turkey didn't work so well. However, he went to bed without it, with no problem, again last night. So we just need to work on nap time, and be firm. *sigh*

We watched football and just relaxed last evening. I baked my first ever sugar cream pie and it turned out pretty well. I'm excited!

Matt and I only have a 4 day work week. We both took Friday and Monday off to work on getting the office/guest room consolidated and to get Hendrix's bedroom moved. I'm 1/2 way through this (horrific) day, so only 3 and 1/2 days until the weekend.
Hope you all have a good week. I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

The sugar cream pie I baked Sunday evening!!

Hendrix with his cute little Elmo slippers.

Hendrix in his toy basket.

Looking outside and talking about the snow with daddy.

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