Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it through 2010. What an exciting, exhausting, and at times tough year.

January: I spent the majority of the month on maternity leave with my tiny little baby. We spent New Years in Galesburg, IL with my mom's family. Grandpa Olson passed away on New Year's Day last year. I'm sure his past year in heaven as been wonderful!

February: Back to work @ Schindler. Eww.

March: Our furnace went out. $8,000 later, we had a new one!

April: Can't remember anything super exciting from April.

May: Our water heater went out. $800 later, we had a new one!

June: We started tearing out the railing on our front porch.

July: Matt worked on painting the front porch and we got a new porch swing, and two Adirondack chairs for the other end of the porch.

August: We worked on landscaping around our front porch. We were finished by Labor day!

September: Hendrix and I travelled to South Dakota, along with Joyce, Brittany, and Landon to meet Joyce's brothers, sister, and parents. What wonderful people. So glad we got the opportunity to go. It was a very enjoyable trip.

October: Matt and I travelled to Toronto, Ontario for our anniversary. My mom and grandmother stayed at our house with Hendrix for those 3 days. Toronto is a wonderful city, and I would love to go back someday!

November: Hendrix celebrated his 1st birthday!! We also found out we were expecting baby #2.

December: We went to Indiana on Dec 4th for Rylee's birthday party, on Dec. 18th for Landon's birthday party, and again for Christmas weekend. Busy but enjoyable month!

That pretty much sums up 2010 for you. Now, on to bigger and better things in 2011!

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