Sunday, January 2, 2011

In 2011, I resolve to........

As it is with most people, I rarely keep a New Year's Resolution the entire year, but I still make them every year, and begin each January with the determination to have achieved them all by December! My resolutions for 2011 are:

1) Start and contribute to my 401(k). This one can actually already be checked off the list! I signed up for 401(k) last week, set my contrubution amount, chose my contribution allocations, and should start contributing within 2 pay periods. Woo hoo!

2) Save $10-$15 per week for Christmas shopping. This past Christmas, we ended up putting a lot of our Christmas shopping on the credit cards, just because we hadn't saved all year, and were unprepared. Not in 2011! I moved some money over to our designated saving account yesterday, so I'm off to a good start!!

3) Save $10-$15 per week for a 5th anniversary trip for Matt and I. This one kind of spans 2011 and 2012. I have been wanting to go on a nice trip for a long time now. By the time October 2012 rolls around, our youngest will be 16 months old, and Hendrix will be almost 3. That's plenty old enough to leave with the grandparents for a week so Matt and I can get away. And with 2 years worth of saving, we should have a nice chunk set aside!

4) Do better about sending birthday/anniversary cards/gifts. I'm one of the most horrible people about sending cards, gifts, etc. That's going to change in 2011! (I'm not off to a great start - there are 2 birthdays this week, and I haven't gotten cards yet...) We have a lot of very special and important people in our lives, and I want to do better at letting them know they're remembered and appreciated by my family!!

5) Use cash. We are, by no means, a credit-card kind of family. But it's so easy to just say, "oh, it's only $20," and charge it to the card, if money is a little tight. Before you know it, you've got $150 or $200 on the credit card, and you didn't even see it coming. I'm trying to adopt the attitude where, if I can't pay for it in cash, I don't need it. There will be emergencies, of course (and I have fairly strictly defined 'emergency'), but for the most part, we will not be using credit cards this year. They're paid off, and we want to keep it that way!

Let's hope I can stick to these in 2011!

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