Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big weekend!

This past weekend was a big one in our household! We didn't go anywhere, we didn't do anything special - other than the fact that our little Hendrix was moved to his big boy bed! It was definitely a bittersweet transition for me. I was very anxious about the whole transition, as I know that some kids have a very hard time with it.

We started Saturday evening. We did nothing different in our bedtime routine. We read our books, said our prayer, snuggled for a few minutes, and i laid him in the bed. Fully expecting him to get out of the bed, I jiggled the baby gate like I was going downstairs, but snuck into Matt and I'd bedroom and waited silently. I waited for 1 minute, then 2, then 5, then 15 minutes had gone by and I heard nothing. I peeked in the room and he was asleep! I was shocked and amazed! Sunday evening and last night - same thing. I fully expect there to be resistance at some point, and I'm sure I will have to physically put him back in his bed several times before the transition is complete, but so far we're doing wonderfully!

I'm so proud. But a little sad at the same time. As a mommy, I suffer from frequent guilt trips. :) I'm kind of on one of them right now, about putting him in the big-boy bed at such a young age, but then I use my rational mind, and I feel better about it. He can't be in a crib forever. In my personal opinion, I think no child needs to be in a crib past 2 years old. I believe 18 months is a good time to start the transition, and we're only 2 months ahead of that. Plus, he's a very mature child, and he's smart. He's not thrown any fits about it, and doesn't seem upset. I think part of my guilt is that he's being transitioned to a cot for naptime at daycare this week also. I feel like all of his baby-security measures are being taken away from him all at once. Makes me a bit sad, but again - he has to grow up at some point, and he's handling everything pretty well.

I'm not trying to grow my child up too quickly, but at the same time, I'm big on the idea of raising independent children. I don't want to have to wipe my 5 year-old's bottom every time he goes to the bathroom. I don't want to have to tie my kids shoes forever, or cut up their food forever, or have to hold their hands through every little detail of their life. Independence is important, and I'm just trying to breed that into my child(ren) from a young age.

But one thing's for sure - I no longer have a baby at home. I have a toddler. Good thing there's another baby coming along in a couple months, because I'm not ready to completely give up the baby-ness yet! :)

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