Monday, March 7, 2011

Family weekend in Indiana (3/5 and 3/6)

We headed to Indiana Saturday morning to make lots of visits to friends and family. We drove, 1st, to Muncie, and stopped at Marsh to see all of our old co-w0rkers. We were there for about an hour, and it was nice to see everyone. Then, we stopped by Gina's house, another co-worker who was off that day. Gina has 2 pet turtles, so you can imagine Hendrix's fascination! Next, we headed to Noblesville, and stopped at Jack and Melissa's house. Jack's youngest son is probably 14-15 years old, so they haven't had young children in their house for a long time. Needless to say, it's NOT childproof!! We were there for about 2 hours, and it was so stressful chasing Hendrix around, trying to make sure he didn't break anything......and it wasn't a complete success either. He knocked over a flower pot and it broke. :( Sorry Melissa!!!

After Noblesville, we drove back up to Elwood and went to one of Matt's parents' church members' 95th birthday party. We were there for about 1/2 an hour, and then headed to Larry and Joyce's house. We got our air mattress and the Pack&Play set up, rested for a few minutes, then Britt/Landon and Jon/Rachael arrived. We all just hung out and spent time together. It was really enjoyable, despite our exhaustion! Hendrix and Landon were just toooooo much fun together!! Here are some pictures of the two Metz boys!

Me (in my jammies) snuggling with Landon and Hendrix!

Matt and Grandpa with the boys.

Playing Mr. Potato Head

Landon says, "whatcha doin' down there, Hendrix?"

Dancing with the drum in circles around Brittany!

Sunday morning, we went to church with my parents, then out to lunch at El Camino in Portland. Mmmmm, it was so yummy! After lunch we went back to mom and dad's for a quick piece of cake, then we hit the road to head back home. It was definitely a whirlwind of activity, as it always is when we go home. We won't be doing any traveling any time soon, if I have anything to say about it. It gets upsetting to me (and maybe only to me), that we go home so often, and not many people come to see us in Ohio. I get that it's hard for people to travel 2.5 hours to visit, but that works 2 ways. It's hard for us as well, especially with a busy toddler who thrives on our routine. But what can I do?

Overall, it was an enjoyable weekend. But I'm definitely ready for a (long) string of weekends spent at home!!! :)

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