Monday, March 7, 2011

Hendrix's bedroom

Well, at the end of January, Matt and I took a couple days off of work to re-organize our 2nd story, and to get Hendrix moved into his new bedroom. I promised pictures would come, and a month and a half later, here they are! :)

This was the room before we moved things around. This was our office/all-purpose room (as you can plainly see).

Hendrix enjoying the bookshelf in his new room.

The reading area.

His bed (we have yet to re-decorate).
We really want to re-decorate and give his bedroom a new theme, but I'm so un-decided as to what theme to go with. We originally wanted to do a midieval castle theme, but lately he's so into animals, I kind of want to do a jungle theme. The next dilemma is that about a year to 18 months from now, we'll be putting the boys in the same room, and I'm not sure if I'll want to change the theme at that point either...... I guess for now the room will remain theme-less...

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