Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rocking out on the "guitar!"

I spoke to the surgery coordinator, and Hendrix's tubes surgery is rescheduled for April 18th. I hate to push it back like that, but unfortunately had to do it to be able to miss work without penalty. It's so ridiculous.

After work yesterday, I took Hendrix to get his hair cut. It was his third time getting it cut. The 1st time, he sat there, and didn't flinch! The second time, he had quite a meltdown. This third time, he wined a bit, and of course turned his head to try and get away from the stylist, but it wasn't a meltdown, and he just looks so handsome with his new haircut!

Last night, he was quite interested in our guitar for Rock Bank (Wii). Below are pictures of him rocking out. :)

Blurry blurry Hendrix head!

Wow, daddy! Look what I can do!

What do these levers do?

Fun buttons!

I just LOVE his facial expression in this one!

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