Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 75% of the way to being a mommy of 2! Woo hoo!!

Baby Development this week: The brain is starting to wrinkle and fold, which means lots of brain cells are developing! The fingernails and toenails are complete, and the bone marrow is now in complete charge of producing red blood cells. Baby is starting to shed his lanugo (the fine hair covering his body). When awake, his eyes are open and he passes the time by looking and feeling around. This week the majority of his energy has been spent on brain development, so weight/height gain hasn't been tremendous. He now weighs approximately 3 lbs and is around 15.5 inches long.

Jameson is still as active as ever. I specifically remember Hendrix going through periods of rest, when he wouldn't move for sometimes a few hours at a time. That is so not the case with Jameson - this little boy moves 24/7!!! Hope he slows way down once he's out of the womb!!

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