Tuesday, April 26, 2011

31 Weeks Pregnant

Today marks the beginning of my 31st week of pregnancy. Each week is 1 closer to having another little precious boy to snuggle!

Baby's development this week: Due to increasing space constraints, the hands and feet stay close to the body (fetal position). He can now process information from all 5 of the senses. At this point, the lungs are the only body system that's not fully mature. Baby weighs approximately 3 and 1/2 lbs and is around 16 inches long. He will continue to gain about 1/2 lb a week from here on out - wow!

I returned my fetal doppler this past week. I have been going to the doctor every two weeks. And anyway, this little man never stops moving! I distinctly remember having "freak-out" periods when pregnant with Hendrix - he would stop moving for a few hours at a time, and it really made me nervous. Not to much the case with Jameson. It's a 24/7 gymnastics party in there with him!

We don't have a TON of stuff to do before his arrival, but there's definitely a list:
1) Raise the crib mattress to its highest position.
2) Wash all the crib and changing table sheets.
3) Get the bumper pads back on the crib.
4) Remove the old bookshelf from J's room and replace it with a new one, like the one we have in H's room.
5) Vacuum and dust J's bedroom.
6) Get all the baby stuff out of the attic (bouncy seat, baby bath, exer-saucer, etc).
7) Get out and wash all bottles and pacifiers.
8) Get out and wash all burp rags.
9) Get another glider rocker to put in H's bedroom so we can use the one we have for J's room.
10) Wash all J's clothes.

Ok, so the list is a bit longer than I expected. Geesh - we better get started. 9 weeks left - that's a little over a task a week!!! Eep! (Very exciting!)

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