Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dreams of summer.....

Well, the end of April is quickly, and it's still so darn chilly! Boo!!

But, I am dreaming of the warm (and even hot) sunny days of summer, with green leaves on the trees, soft green grass underfoot, and the sound of crickets and locusts on muggy evenings......Ahhhh.

This summer, granted, may not be much fun, with us having a newborn, non-sleeping creature running the household, but we'll still try to squeeze in as much fun activities for Hendrix as possible. What I'm really dreaming about is next summer.

Jameson will be a year and Hendrix will be 2 and 1/2. We can do so many fun activities! They'll both enjoy things such as the zoo, the swimming pool, the park, and something I'd LOVE to start doing (and this is going to seem weird coming from me): camping!

I'm sure the first time we camp, we'll only do 1 night, and maybe only do 1 night that whole first summer. And we'll try out a night in the back yard before we trek off somewhere away from home and have to come home in the middle of the night due to a meltdown! But when I think of camping, (and I may be a cornball for saying this) I think of a genuine family-bonding experience. Sitting around a campfire, being silly with the boys, playing games, going swimming during the hot afternoons, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, waking up to awesome sunrises, having get it. I may be in for a completely different story when the time arrives that we pack up and head off to a campground somewhere, but it just sounds so fun, and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

I was just on the Coleman website looking at tents, and you can get a very nice sized tent that sleeps 6 for about $150. I don't think that's bad. I'm a hasty buyer, so it's taking self control not to buy it now, but I promise I'm not going to! Hahaha. I just get really excited about things. Matt and I already have an air mattress, and I've been wanting to get cots for the boys, so we wouldn't have to sleep on the hard lumpy ground. I figure we could sleep in one room of the tent, and leave the other room for our food and supplies. Ohhh, my mind is running with this, I just have to pitch it to Matt and get him on board with me.

If you know us well, you know that we aren't very "outdoorsy" folks. Hahahaha!! Don't misunderstand, we thoroughly enjoy spending time outside, but we've never camped, nor were we brought up in families that camped. And if you know me well, you know that I'm, well.....terrified of insects. I love spending time outside, and I'll definitely have the bug repellent handy! Despite this paragraph (that probably makes me sound like a complete loony toon), I still think it will be a totally awesome family experience, and I'm looking forward to next summer!
And of course this summer too - but as I mentioned, it's hard to have fun when you're exhausted from lack of sleep! :o) :o) :o)

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