Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dual Myringotomy and Ear Tube Insertion

AKA - tubes. :o) The day kind of snuck up on us, but yesterday was it. Hendrix did as well as could be expected for a 17 month old going through surgery. Momma was proud.

We were instructed to be at the hospital at 6 am, which we were. We got registered quickly, and were taken back to the pre-op area about 6:30. The anesthesiologist and Dr. Baxter both came in to talk to us, and surgery started right at 7:30, as scheduled.

Matt had been holding Hendrix, and before I even knew what was happening, the anesthesiologist had taken Hendrix and we were following him down the hall to be taken to surgery. I didn't get to kiss him goodbye or anything, but after the fact, I look at that as a positive thing, as I think maybe it would have upset Hendrix had I kissed and hugged him. I don't think he even really knew what was going on. A formal goodbye would have given him the realization that he was going to be separated from us. But anyway, we got to then end of the hallway, and Hendrix and the doctor turned right and Matt and I turned left and headed out to the waiting area. I cried a little bit. :)

But from the time we handed Hendrix off to the doctors until our pager went off to talk to the Dr. Baxter was literally, less than 15 minutes. After we talked to Dr. Baxter, we waited again, for them to wake him up from the anesthesia. That took about another 10 minutes. Then we got to go back and get him. Poor little bug was just crying and crying. Inconsolable was probably an appropriate word. They had warned us he might be like that. I guess it's a common effect of the anesthesia. You can't blame the poor babies. They feel totally loopy and confused and have no idea why. We sat there with him and snuggled him for about 1/2 an hour, then the nurse checked his vitals, all were well, and we were able to head home.

Pretty impressive, in my opinion, for a 7:30 surgery, for us to be home at 8:45 am!! Hendrix fell asleep in the car on the way home, and slept for about an hour once we got him home. When he woke up, he was still very fussy, though somewhat consolable at this point. We gave him a fruit and yogurt parfait we had picked up at McDonald's and he ate that and most of a blueberry waffle. We were able to occupy him for a few hours. We had corn dogs and chips for lunch. The chips were not healthy at all, but I knew he would eat them, so I gave him some, and of course, he chowed down. :)

I was noticing that whenever he burped or hiccuped (anything that rapidly changes the pressure on your ears) he would cry. I gave him some motrin at noon, and it seemed to help. He went down for another nap around 1:45 and I had to wake him up (very much against his will) around 3:15. After the afternoon nap, he was doing much better, and the rest of the evening went pretty smoothly, other than a few grouchy moments! :o)

I'm hopeful that next sick season, these tubes will keep the poor little guy from having painful ear infections. But I hope we don't have to go through any more surgeries. It's hard - on both the baby and the mommy!!!

Checking out the medical equipment in the pre-op area.

He kept trying to sneak away, and peek under the curtain!

Playing in the crib before surgery.

Sacked out at home afterwards. Poor little bub.

Here are some pictures from the morning.

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