Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend celebrating the fact that He is risen!

Our weekend was pretty low-key, as usual. Matt's best friend, Wade, along with his wife and 3-year old daughter stayed with us Thursday night, as Wade's grandfather passed away and his funeral was Friday, in the Findlay area. Friday evening, we had dinner with them at our house. We had planned to go out, but Hendrix came down with a 103 degree fever, so Matt and Wade ran into Bowling Green and got Mexican take out and brought it back to our house so that I didn't have to drag my sick boy out. After dinner, they took off and headed back to Indiana.

Saturday morning, Hendrix woke up at 6:30 ( about an hour earlier than usual), and he was still running a 101 degree fever, but it progressively got better throughout the morning, which was great! By Saturday evening, it was hovering around 99. Matt and I were supposed to have date night, as free daycare was provided at the church. But we didn't feel right about taking Hendrix out since he hadn't been feeling well, so we stayed home.

Sunday morning, I made a breakfast casserole and breakfast pizza for church. I didn't get any of the pizza, but the casserole was excellent and I look forward to making it for us at home! Hendrix hunted for eggs at church, and we were home by 1 pm. Hendrix was a bit challenging for us this weekend, and he wanted to fight me for his nap. After struggling with him for 20 minutes, he finally fell asleep, and so Matt and I both layed down and napped also.

I'm sure it's just another of the many phases he's going to go through, but he's been testing our patience to the limit the past few days! I just keep telling myself that I can't let him get to me, and I cannot give in, or he'll just misbehave even more. It tests me, but I'm staying strong. I won't have a bratty child, and I know that my perseverance will pay off eventually!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Hendrix hunting eggs at church - the hunt was moved indoors due to rain.

Eating breakfast at church!

Playing with his new watering can from granny in the bathtub.

Hendrix's goods from the Easter Egg Hunt!

Being silly with daddy at breakfast, at church on Sunday morning.

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