Thursday, May 5, 2011

Accomplishments from last evening!!!

We had some nicer weather last evening and were able to get outside. It's still been pretty drab and dreary, even though we're into May now, and it breaks my heart when Hendrix has to stand at the sliding glass doors in the back of the house looking longingly outside.......

But yesterday we were able to get out! Yahoo! We went out right when Hendrix and I got home from work/daycare, at 4. We came in for dinner, then headed back out. After dinner, our neighbors from across the street came over and did us a HUGE favor!!! No one but Matt and myself are able to appreciate the sheer mass of "junk" we've acquired over the last 2 years of living in and re-decorating our house. We had about 4 separate piles of construction and yard waste sitting out behind our garage, rotting, smelling.....we had no idea what to do with it. Well, after Matt spoke to Tony the other evening, Tony said he'd bring his trailer over, load it up, and take it to the dump, and all he asked for was the $15 it costs to use the dump. Man, were we ever excited! Well, last night, as we were getting back to the house from taking a walk with Hendrix, we heard and saw them behind our garage, so we walked back there to see what was going on. They had backed up the trailer and were just starting to load up all the junk. Matt helped while Hendrix and I watched (too many rusty nails for that little boy to be messing in!), and within 30-40 mins, our many piles of junk had disappeared!!! Wow what a difference! We have a clear space behind our garage and it looks SOOOO much better!

Our plans for back there are to put down rock this summer, let it settle for a year, then put down another thin layer of rock next summer and asphalt over it so that we can have a functional basketball court back there for the boys when they get older. We also have plans of making a small seating area. It's going to be so cute! But anyway, HUGE thanks to Joie and Tony for all the favors they've done for us these past 2 years!

Wanted to share a few pictures of Hendrix from yesterday. He's just too adorable not to share with the world!!!

Hendrix took a spill down the deck steps and scraped up his forehead and nose. Then he got into a purple permanent marker, colored his hand, then touched his face. While the scrapes are bad enough, the purple marker makes it look like we just punched him in the face!!! Poor little bug!

I kept telling him he didn't need to wear the hat - that it wasn't that cold out. But he insisted on wearing the silly thing. He put it on all by himself!

Should I throw the wiffle ball, or the tennis ball? Which one!?

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