Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reasons I can't wait to have this baby

Ok, I'll admit it - I don't love being pregnant. Especially after about 30 weeks.

Here are some reasons I'm looking forward to no longer being pregnant!!!

1) To be able to snuggle my little baby boy, of course!

2) Having a somewhat normal body back - and being able to work on getting at least a little bit of sexy back!

3) Beginning the adjustment to life as the new "normal."

4) Going to the eye doctor - I can't see anything!

5) Buying all new lingerie (after I get through the post-partum period of time of course).

6) Sewing myself some new clothes. I can't wait to make myself some new skirts and dresses.

7) Enjoying the simplicity of a simple glass of wine, or a cold beer!

8) Having a bit more energy.

9) No more sciatic and/or back pain!

Ahhhh, it's all within reach. Only 9 days until induction - praying HARD that Jameson decides to come on his own before then........

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