Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to work in a few weeks...

I got the schedule I wanted for when I go back to work - I'm so excited! I had originally planned on working 5-10 pm M-F, but had a lot of reservations about being away from home 5 nights a week. It was bothering me pretty badly. So I decided I'd see if I would be able to work 5-11 PM Mon-Thurs. They approved it!! Woo hoo!!!

Working a 6 hour shift, I'd have to take a lunch or only work 5.5 hours, so I decided to work the 5.5 to get out of there a bit earlier each evening. Since I'll have Fridays off, I decided to go back to work two weeks earlier than I had planned. So, starting Monday, August 22nd, I'll be working 5PM-10:30PM Monday thru Thursday. I'm excited!

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