Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ok, this may not be big news to the rest of the world, but its huge to this set of parents: Hendrix went peepee in the potty!!!!!!!!!

We got him a potty last weekend, after he has been showing a bit of interest in "going." He sat on his potty various times, but hasn't done anything. Well, Saturday evening, he sat there, and after my usual prompting (Go peepee in the potty Hendrix, and mommy will get you a treat!), he actually went!!! We made a very big deal out of it, clapped and praised him, and immediately went and got him a DumDum sucker (at 7:40 at night - this is obviously a big deal - sugar that late is unheard of!). We sat him on the potty again this morning, and he went again! So I gave him a bit of cookie (didn't have any more suckers).

Those 2 times are the only 2 times so far, but I'm very encouraged!! We got a pack of Smarties today while at the store to use as bribes. :) Wish us luck for more success!!!

Hendrix's very own potty!

His bribe for using his potty.

Just had to throw this one in there.......LOL!

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