Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day of "Just us Two"

While I love my husband and Hendrix with all my heart, I'm not going to lie - I was quite looking forward to having them both out of the house today! :o)

Hendrix is continuing to go to daycare, for about 4 and 1/2 more weeks so that I can get some rest and bond with Jameson. Matt has been taking him in the mornings. Jameson and I have spent the day chilling out and resting. I got the dishes done, folded a couple loads of laundry, and am about to attack the toy-splosion that has taken over our family room. With it being summer and us spending so much time outside, Hendrix hardly plays with his toys at all. When we are inside, he enjoys tinkering with things that aren't toys anyway, so I'm going to go through all his toys downstairs, and put some of them in his bedroom, and store others. Hopefully we can restore some kind of balance to the living room downstairs!!

Jameson is doing well. He is sleeping about 2-3 hours at a time. It's hard to be up several times during the night, of course, but I can definitely say that feeding him has been such a different and better experience that it was with Hendrix, due to not breastfeeding. I surely feel like a slave to my breast pump, but it doesn't hurt me to pump like it does to actually have the baby nurse, and Jameson is still getting my breast milk. I figure that if I can only continue the pumping for a month or so, its better than nothing at all. I'm happy with it. :)

I think Jameson may have a clogged tear duct. I noticed some "eye boogers" (as i call them) in his right eye yesterday, and it continued through the night. This morning it was worse, so I of course googled it as much as I could. From what I read, I think it's a clogged tear duct. The goop is white, and I don't think there's reason to be concerned as long as it doesn't turn yellow or green. From what I read, if I did take him to the doctor, there isn't a whole lot that can be done. I've been washing it with a warm washcloth, and I've read that massaging the inner eye can help as well, so I'll do that, and as long as it doesn't get any worse, I'll address it with the doctor at his next appointment in 2 and 1/2 weeks.

We had a fairly good weekend with Hendrix. He's amazing us every day with his language. I was going over all of our names the other evening, and he looked at me and said "Mommy's name Stephanie." Wow! I think its important for young children to know their parents names, their address, phone number, etc, so I'm starting to work on that. He's just such a smarty.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!!

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