Monday, July 25, 2011

Rough week...

This past week has not been an easy one. We've spent the last 5 days listening to Jameson scream and cry inconsolably. I took him for his 1 month check up today, and he has been diagnosed with colic. Dr. Toni had me switch his formula to Enfamil Nutramigen. I just gave him his 1st bottle of the new formula, so I'm really hopeful that it helps. She said it helps 80% of babies who have colic.

So far, today has been really great though. He hasn't cried in about an hour and a half, and right now he's laying on the floor kicking and even doing a bit of cooing. I'm really enjoying it!!! I just wish I could get a smile out of him, but I know I will eventually.

I'll keep you updated on the progress with this new formula.

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