Monday, August 29, 2011

Running Stats (Aug 21-28)

Finding time to run has been difficult, now that I"m back to work. This past week was my first one back. So needless to say, not much running got accomplished. However, last Friday evening, took the jogging stroller out (my only run this week) and managed to still get in a little over 2 miles, so that was very encouraging. I'd rather run without the stroller, of course, but it wasn't as challenging as I expected, and I'm hoping to get into a routine where I go with the stroller in the mornings (like I did today) with the boys, at least until it gets too cold outside.

Friday Aug 26th
Distance: 2.08 miles
Pace: 11:43
Calories: 240

Aaaaaand, that is all. :) Not much running, but I've gotta find my groove, and I have faith that I will find it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running Stats (Aug 14-20)

Monday Aug 15th
Distance: 1.9 mi.
Pace: 11.40
Calories: 216

Wednesday Aug 17th
Distance: 2.05 mi.
Pace: 12.06
Calories: 229

Thursday Aug 18th
Distance: 1.93 mi.
Pace: 12.04
Calories: 218

Saturday Aug 20th
Distance: 1.93 mil
Pace: 12.05
Calories: 216

Total miles for the week: 7.81

Total miles for 2011: 17.31

I'm finding it harder to find the time to run now that i'm back at work. I'm going to use the treadmill tonight after work, and get back outside this weekend. Cardio is cardio, right? My goal is to stay in good shape, and lose a few more pounds. Doesn't matter too much how that's achieved, i guess. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Family Update

These boys have me ll I've posted about lately seems to have been Hendrix's illness, and my running stats. Phew!

By the way, Hendrix is doing wonderfully. He went to daycare yesterday and had a great day. For the past 5 nights, we've gotten long stretches of night sleep out of Jameson. Last night he went 7 hours and 20 minutes - wow! I'm expecting a bad night at any time now, but I'm also very much enjoying the good ones we've had!

This weekend we're travelling home to Indiana to see family. We're just so excited! We haven't been to Indiana in over 5 and 1/2 months. Friday evening, we're getting together with my girlfriends from high school. It'll be a great time. Saturday morning, we're planning on having breakfast with my family in Muncie. After that, we're heading to Elwood to spend a little time with just Larry and Joyce for a few hours before other company arrives. Matt's cousin Lora is coming to visit from South Dakota. We met her when we travelled out there last September. I'm sooooo excited to see her again - what a sweet girl! We're going to spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday with her and Nate, Brittany, Landon, Jon, Rachael, and Gracie. It's just going to be a blast and I can't wait!

Hope to post lots of pictures early next week!

In the mean time, I'm starting my 5th week of my c25k program tonight - exciting!!! I'm not sure how I'm going to fit my runs in once I go back to work on Monday, but I'm determined to somehow do it! We have an exercise room at work, so I may do that Mon-Thurs, then run outside on the weekends. As long as there is no snow on the ground, I plan to run outside through the winter. I'm going to do this!

Everyone have a great weekend - I must get off of here and get some things done. God bless!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Running Stats (Aug 7-13)

Monday Aug 8th:
Distance: 1.83 mi
Pace: 14.48
Calories: 189

Wednesday Aug 10th:
Distance: 2.25 mi
Pace: 12:34
Calories: 249

Friday Aug 12th:
Distance: 2.09 mi
Pace: 12:59
Calories: 234

Total Miles for the week: 6.17

Tonight completes week 4 of c25k for me. I start week 5 in a couple days. Ready to step up the pace, but a bit nervous. I CAN do this! With running and watching my calories, I'm anxious to see if I can shed these last 7-10 lbs. I'd LOVE to lose. We'll see!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What will it be next with Hendrix???

Our Hendrix has had so many illnesses in his short 20 months of life - and it appears the worst isn't over yet!

Yesterday morning, Hendrix and I were playing out on the front porch while Jameson napped. Hendrix walked away from me, and as I was looking at him from behind, I noticed that his neck looked very thick, like a body builder's neck. He had what appeared to be a large lump behind his left ear. I went over to him and gently felt it, and there was definitely a lump there.

Being the worry-wart that I am, my mind immediately goes to the worst place! I'm thinking my poor baby has some kind of tumor or something. I called the pediatrician at 11 am, and they were able to get us in at 11:50 with his primary care pediatrician, Dr. Toni.

We had just gotten back from running a couple errands in Bowling Green, but we reloaded everyone into the care and headed to Maumee to go to the doctor. When Dr. Toni got in the exam room, I told her a bit about why we were there, she took a look at Hendrix, and said, "Oh wow." It's never good when your doctor is taken aback by what (s)he sees!!!

She checked him out, determined he had (VERY) swollen glands on both sides of his neck, checked the rest of him for anything out of the ordinary, then ordered a chest x-ray (t0 make sure his glands behind his breast bone weren't swollen) and blood work.

So after being in the pediatrician's office for an hour, we headed across the hall to the lab. (At this point, I'm stressing out to the max, and all the while, Jameson was hungry and screaming his head off - yikes!) Once we got signed into the lab, I fed Jameson and he went to sleep - thank goodness! Hendrix got called back, we got his chest x-ray, then moved on to the bloodwork. It was very difficult for me to see him get his blood drawn. The phlebotomists had me hold him in a big, tight bear hug, one of them held his draw-arm, and the other drew the blood. He screamed, of course. And can you blame him? Poor baby was scared.

We finally got out of there, and - as healthy as I'm trying to be right now - I was tired, stressed, and hungry, so we ran through the Wendy's drive-thru and I got Hendrix some chicken nuggets for lunch, because at this time, it was already after 1 pm. He only got 2 down him before he fell asleep.

We got home and both boys were still asleep. Dr. Toni had ordered the lab restuls stat, so I was just waiting for the results. The office called me around 4 pm. Hendrix has mono. Ugh!!! The doctor's orders were that he get rest. He's not to do any physical activity, and this includes running and jumping. He's not to go outside either. This is torture on the poor guy!!! Being outside is his favorite thing in the whole world.

So, needless to say, these next few weeks are going to be rough. He's not been begging to go outside too much today, but he's just bored and stir crazy, I can tell. I've been trying to keep him entertained, but it's hard. We'll see how things go.....Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update on Jameson

I posted a week or so ago that Jameson was diagnosed with colic and we had switched his formula to Enfamil Nutramigen.

Well, it took about a week, but I'm telling you what - he's a different baby! This Nutramigen is much more expensive than regular formula (as if it weren't already expensive enough), but it's so worth the price to not have to hear that boy scream all the time!

He's started smiling and cooing, and it's been so wonderful! I was actually starting to get worried, because I didn't feel that I'd bonded with him at all. I was talking with Matt about it last night, and he felt the same way. But in the last couple days, we both feel like we've started to bond with him, now that he's such a happier boy. It's so gratifying to have him smile and coo at us, instead of just crying all the time, no matter what we try to do to console him.

So the update is - he's doing MUCH better and we hope it continues!

Now, if only we could get him to sleep a little better at night.......I'm hoping and praying this comes in time. I'm still one sleepy momma!

Sunday Stats (Aug 3-6, 2011)

I follow a blog of a runner who gives her stats each Monday. I like that. I think it would be a good way to keep myself motivated. I think I'm going to start the same thing.

With my new Forerunner, the website to which I download my running information keeps track of my mileage, etc. I think that on Sunday evenings, I'll post my stats for the previous week. You may find it boring, but I love watching how I improve - both on distance and speed, or see where I need to work to improve. And it's always gratifying to see how many calories are burned with each run!

Wednesday, Aug 3 - My birthday run! (My 1st run with my forerunner sportwatch)
Distance: 1.57 miles
Pace: 13.37 min
Calories: 159

Saturday, Aug 6
Distance: 1.76 miles
Pace: 12.53 min
Calories: 183

Total miles for the week: 3.33

Fun, right!? :o)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

c25k progress update

I'm still at it! I'm still loving it!

I've never been one to like running outside, and I think it's because I always started out too strong and was sore and burned out before I could really get into a running routine.

So far I'm loving the c25k program. I completed the first day of Week 3 last evening. It consisted going through the following two times: run 90 seconds, jog 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes. It almost seemed like too easy of a workout, but I'm not pushing myself beyond what the program recommends so that I don't get burned out.

I also ran with my new toy last night!!! With my birthday money, I purchased the Garmin Forerunner 405cx. It has gps in it and tracks your distance, time, calories burned, pace, etc. Then, it wirelessly transmits that data onto the website. It's sooooooo cool! :)

But anyhoo, I'm looking forward to updating this blog as I get closer and closer to my 5k goal! :)

Daycare.....disaster. :(

Well, Hendrix got sent home with a 101 degree fever yesterday, on his first day of his new daycare. I think that's what the screaming and crying was all about yesterday morning. Poor boy.

He woke up good to go this morning though. We'll try daycare again on Friday and hope for a better day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hendrix's 1st Day

I took Hendrix to his new daycare this morning. He was screaming when I left. It broke my heart. :(

I'm sure he'll have a good day though. We got up and ready much earlier than planned. I dropped him off around 7:15, but we'll shoot for around 8 or 8:30 from now on.

It's weird. He's only been home with me for 2 days, but today, with him not being here, it feels different and I miss him!

Can't wait to see how his day went!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Chapter in our Daily Lives

Starting yesterday, Hendrix no longer goes to Children's Discover Center. He's home with me Mon-Tues-Thurs, and he'll go to Willow Early Childhood Center (here in Grand Rapids) on Weds and Fri.

I was pretty nervous and anxious about having both boys with me all day long. Jameson is still so's been challenging, of course, but we've survived. This morning I managed to get Jameson to take a nice nap and took Hendrix right outside (while continuously checking on J of course) and we ran and burned off some energy.

With Jameson having been diagnosed colic, I had kind of put the "Baby-Wise" routine on the back burner. If he wanted to fall asleep after eating, then so be it - I didn't want to listen to his crying! But now that he's doing better on this new formula, I'm trying to start it back up. It's hard, managing that routine along with keeping Hendrix mostly happy, but I figure that the hard work will pay off if he starts sleeping better at night. The past two nights, he's slept 4 hours, then 2, and has had me up before 6 am. I'm sooooo sleepy. I have no expectations for him to sleep through the night at any certain age, I'm just wanting him to start sleeping longer, or to give me two 4-hour stretches, instead of one 4-hour stretch then a much shorter one. I'm not picky, just let me get more sleep, kiddo!!!

Hendrix starts his new daycare tomorrow. It's much different than Children's Discover Center. It's very small, but I think it'll be good for him to get out and be social 2 days a week. He needs that in his life, I think. I've been trying to keep him occupied and engaged, but its difficult!

All in all, I'm surviving. Just would really love some more sleep.