Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running Stats (Aug 14-20)

Monday Aug 15th
Distance: 1.9 mi.
Pace: 11.40
Calories: 216

Wednesday Aug 17th
Distance: 2.05 mi.
Pace: 12.06
Calories: 229

Thursday Aug 18th
Distance: 1.93 mi.
Pace: 12.04
Calories: 218

Saturday Aug 20th
Distance: 1.93 mil
Pace: 12.05
Calories: 216

Total miles for the week: 7.81

Total miles for 2011: 17.31

I'm finding it harder to find the time to run now that i'm back at work. I'm going to use the treadmill tonight after work, and get back outside this weekend. Cardio is cardio, right? My goal is to stay in good shape, and lose a few more pounds. Doesn't matter too much how that's achieved, i guess. :)

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