Friday, September 16, 2011

My creative juices are FLOWING!

Sewing machine, I missed you during our short hiatus.

As anyone with children knows, doing anything other than being that "feed-rock-change diaper-repeat process" machine is next to impossible when you have a newborn baby. Especially a colicy one. *shudder*

But, Jameson is 12 weeks old today (yay!), and has been doing amazing for the past couple weeks. He even naps sometimes, now! On the days that Hendrix goes to daycare, I've been able to get out the sewing machine and create things again!

With the ability to do that, along with my discovery of (valuable hours completely wasted, thankyouverymuch), my creative juices are once again flowing. I've even created a store on, in hopes of selling some of the things I make. Here are my new creations:

I hesitated to put these on my blog yet, as they're not completely finished, but decided to do it anyway, since their level of adorableness kills me! These fabric-applique turkey shirts will be on my sweet boys for Thanksgiving. I'm making 3 more in girly colors for my nieces as well. Gobble gobble!

I made these shirts for family pictures that are to take place this coming weekend. We're doing a large family picture, and it was decided that each small family would wear a different color. Well, the Metz's are the red team. I didn't want our smaller family pictures to have all 4 of us in solid red (eek!), so I got the boys white shirts and added some appliques. Loving it! Jameson's shirt is less fancy that Hendrix's, since it's just on a Wal-Mart onesie. But Hendrix's shirt is amazing, I must say. It really looks like something you'd pay about $40 for from Tommy Hilfiger or something. I showed it to Matt. He doesn't get too excited about things like this, but his response was "Oh.My.Gosh." :o)

This, while totally unfancy, was a project that Hendrix and I made together on a cooler day this past week. He received a piggy bank when he was born, but Jameson did not. So we made him one, in animal prints to match the safari theme of this bedroom. This is just an old formula can, decopauged with scrapbooking paper. Simple.

I love being able to be creative again! And with the weather cooling off, I'm having more time to do it, since my monster toddler can't be outside for 23 hours a day (he wishes!). Hope to be posting more soon!

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