Monday, December 19, 2011


I was trying to decide what to make for Hendrix and I's lunch today. Thought about grilled cheese: boring. Thought about quesadillas: didn't have any shredded chicken. Ham and cheese sounded good, but Hendrix had already had 2 pieces of toast today. So I got creative. Hot ham and cheese, on tortilla.

I made them just like you would make a grilled cheese. I just buttered the tortilla. Put it in the skillet, butter-side-down, and layered cheese-ham-cheese. Browned both sides, and voila! Ham-and-cheese-a-dilla! Pair that with a side of carrots and pears (pears are absent from the picture, because they were the first thing to go down the hatch, of course), and you've got a very toddler-friendly lunch! (Momma enjoyed it as well!)

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