Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy good news!

Wow, 2011 has come to an amazing end! I'm SO ready for 2012, and I feel it's going to be a great year!

First of all, I was extended and accepted an internal job offer with Schindler! I've been trying to get out of SCSN (my current department) for about two years now, for many reasons. I've been turned down for two positions, and was feeling really discouraged. I had applied for two internal positions at once this time around (accounting and scheduler), and was told by HR that I was being considered for both of them. The hiring process for accounting was much quicker than that of the scheduler position. I honestly told HR that I was prepared to accept whichever offer came in first. Marilyn in accounting called me on Tuesday and extended me an offer, which I promptly accepted! I'm so very excited to finally - after three and a half years - be moving on from customer service in SCSN! Plus, I'm going to be back on full-time day hours, which will be so great being at home with my family in the evenings again. I really miss that.

So, after getting the job, I started a frantic search for daycare. The first place I went was Scary. I met with a lady who's ad sounded nice. But I was not impressed. When I got to her house, the 3 kids that were there looked bored out of their minds, and it seemed to me that she was more concerned with keeping her house clean than she was keeping the kids entertained. I asked a friend of mine, who's little girl just turned old enough to go to "school" at Willow, where Hendrix goes, who used to keep her daughter, and got a referral from her. I called her last night, met with her today at 4, and we have a winner!

Her name is Angie. She's somewhere around my age. She's the cousin of a good friend of ours from church. She has a son who is 2.5, and a daughter who is 9 months. She watches a couple other boys as well. Her house is nice, but there was kids stuff everywhere, which made me comfortable. She said in the summer they play outside all the time. It just felt right. So I'm taking the kids to meet her Friday morning, and they'll start a few hours a day while I transition starting on Tuesday.

Thank the Lord for everything falling into place. I feel like I've been waiting for "this" forever! We are going out with some friends (one of whom connected me with Angie) for New Year's Eve to dinner, then back to their house. It was just going to be a new year's celebration, but I now have so much more to celebrate!! Yahoooo!

Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year. Bring on 2012!

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