Saturday, December 10, 2011

Running Stats (Dec 5 - Dec10)

It's been a while since I've posted running stats. Here they are for this week:

Monday, 12/5
3 miles (treadmill @ work)
10 min/mile

Tuesday, 12/6
Weights, pilates

Wednesday, 12/7
3 miles (treadmill)
10 min/mile

Thursday, 12/8
Rest day

Friday, 12/9
5 miles outside
(haven't downloaded my run onto the computer yet, pace somewhere around 10 mins)

Saturday 12/10
Rest day

Total miles for the week: 11

My 5 mile run is definitely the longest distance so far for me. My muscles got a little tired, but my breathing was really controlled the whole time, which made me happy. It's crazy what your mind and convince your body of......running my 5k's, I have been pretty tired and ready to be done around 2.75 miles. But at 3 miles yesterday, I totally felt like I had the remaining 2 miles in me. It's such an awesome feeling. I've still got 19 weeks until the 1/2, and I think I just may be able to do this! :o)

Plus, when I weighed myself on Wednesday evening, I was at about 138.5, which is the lowest I've been in years!! I weighed 141 when I got pregnant with Hendrix. Loving the fact that I weigh less now than I did before I had both my children. :)

I sold my breast pump last week and have $80 burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm planning on going to Second Sole Running Shop this evening to buy a pair of running tights.

Loving it! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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