Monday, December 31, 2012

Fitness 2012: A Giant Recap!

I decided to make health and fitness a priority for 2012.  People often ask those who have lost weight how they did it.  My answer to that question is always the same:  I made it a priority.  I sacrificed lunch breaks to squeeze in workouts.  I went on runs after the kids were in bed.  I got up at 4:40 AM many mornings to get a cardio session in before getting ready for work.  There were many days I didn't want to work out.  But I did it anyway, and always felt awesome afterwards, for having done it.

I kept track of each workout I did this past year, and have crunched the numbers for some really fun (in my opinion) facts and figures!

January 2012
I went on 9 runs for a total of 34.42 miles.

February 2012
I went on 9 runs for a total of 44.71 miles
I did 3 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 1hour 15minutes.

March 2012 
I went on 5 runs for a total of 16.26 miles.

April 2012
I went on 7 runs for a total of 34.16 miles.
I did 1 workout on the elliptical for a total of 30 minutes.

May 2012
I went on 5 runs for a total of 16.35 miles.
I did 7 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes.

June 2012
I went on 8 runs for a total of 27.15 miles.

July 2012
I went on 5 runs for a total of 19.84 miles.

August 2012
I went on 10 runs for a total of 32.22 miles.
I did 10 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 4 hours and  45 minutes.

September 2012
I went on 7 runs for a total of 22.65 miles.
I did 9 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes.
I did 3 workouts of various cardio exercises for a total of 1 hour and  30 minutes.

October 2012
I went on 4 runs for a total of 15.35 miles.
I did 11 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 5 hours and 30 minutes.
I did 8 workouts of various cardio exercises for a total of 4 hours.

November 2012
I went on 5 runs for a total of 16.85 miles.
I did 6 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 3hours.
I did 5 workouts of various cardio exercises for a total of  2 hours and 30 minutes.

December 2012
I went on 5 runs for a total of 14.56 miles.
I did 8 workouts on the elliptical for a total of 3 hours 55 minutes.
I did 9 workouts of various cardio exercises for a total of 5 hours.

Want the total breakdown??I went on 79 runs for a total of 294.52 miles.
I spent 26 hours and 15 minutes on the elliptical.
I did 13 hours of non-elliptical cardio exercises.
I did 39 hours and 15 minutes of non-running, cardio exercise.
I put in a total of 159 workouts.
I burned approximately 52,470 calories.

Woo hoo!  This was very fun to see, so I plan on tracking my exercises for 2013 as well.  Hats off to all who have resolved to get healthier in 2013.  It really does improve your life in so many ways.  I'd be a stressed mess without endorphins, and I must say, clothes shopping is way more fun these days, than it was a year ago!  Happy New Year, friends!

Weekend Recap: 12/28 - 12/30

Friday, 28 December
On Friday evening, we kept it simple with a frozen pizza and salad for dinner.  A gentleman came and bought our camper, so that's one less thing we have to haul out to SD!  Other than that, it was a calm evening.

Saturday, 29 December
We woke up on Saturday morning to some unexpected snow.  I think the weatherman called for about a half inch, and we had gotten 2-3 inches, probably.  Angie texted me to see if we wanted to go sledding.  Of course we did!  We went to her campground and Hendrix and Wes played in the snow for about an hour before we were all chilled to the bone!  Then we headed home and got some lunch.  Matt ran a few errands during nap/quiet time.  Saturday evening, I packed a few more things, and we had skillet burgers and cheesy potatoes for dinner.  Skillet burgers are so greasy and unhealthy, but one of our favorite things!

Sunday, 30 December
What a busy day this turned out to be!  We went to the early service at church.  After church, we went to see the house where Corduroy will be staying during our transition to South Dakota.  The apartment complex we'll be at doesn't allow medium dogs like Cord, so we can't have him while we are there, but we didn't want to just get rid of him all together.  Once our house in Ohio sells, we want to buy again out in SD, and hope to get Corduroy back.  I posted this info on Facebook, and within a couple hours, had someone who was willing to temporarily take him for us!  There is another dog at that house, and it's out in the country, so he will have plenty of room to run around.  I think he'll love it.  After the boys and I had eaten lunch, I left for a bit of retail therapy!  I had some gift cards and Christmas money, and I needed a few new things for my work wardrobe. (I could still use some more, of course!)  I got a pair of gray boots, some black pumps, a sweater type dress, two new shirts, new dress socks, and two new bags.  It was great to spend money on myself for once! :)  After shopping, I stopped at Biaggi's and picked up some carry-out.  We had that for dinner, and then I put together some of our goodies for tonight's New Year's get-together.  I made the buffalo balls, cherry pie filling bars, hummus, and put together (but didn't bake) the spinach artichoke dip.  Mmmmm I can't wait to dig into the snackity smorgus board!

I feel like we didn't accomplish nearly what we needed to, in regards to our move, but we did have fun, and I suppose that's just as important.  This week is about to get crazy on another level.  The coming weekend will be a bunch of driving, and will hopefully be fairly uneventful, as far as that goes.  I'll update everyone on the move as things happen!

Happy New Year's Eve!  I hope everyone has a fun time with loved ones.  BE SAFE!

Even Batman poops.  Ha!

My sweet men in their shirts from grandfather.

Snow time!

Hendrix and his best buddy, Wes.

This dog takes so much from my boys...

My new pumps!

Spiderman squirtgun cowboy!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Repeat New Year Celebration

Last year, I rang in 2012 celebrating my promotion at work from the call center to the finance department.

It looks like the 2013 New Year celebration is going to be very similar. I was offered a job in Rapid City last evening and I could not be more excited!!

I will be working as the Sales Assistant to the senior sales rep in the area. We will essentially be forming a 2-person team. He will be selling the equipment, and I will be processing the orders, scheduling installs, following up, and doing a lot of the clerical and administrative work involved with his sales.

It's a position that will challenge me, put me outside my comfort zone at times, and allow me to grow professionally.

I am very excited about this opportunity. I don't see this position as a job that will pay the bills. I see it as on open door to many career possibilities and I can't wait to jump right in on January 14th!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 In Review

Instead of the usual Rants and Ramblings post today, I've decided to recap our year.

It's VERY hard to believe that we are in the last week of 2012 already!  Did your year fly by as quickly as ours did?  2012 hasn't been our best year, and I think it's safe to say that we are ready to see it go, and move on in hopes that 2013 brings us wonderful opportunities and new adventures! 

Here's a brief recap of our 2012 year:

We had quite an un-remarkable winter, with it remaining warm and dry.
The most exciting thing about last January is that I was promoted to the finance department at work, and could finally get out of the call center.  Yay!

I learned what geocaching was, and Hendrix and I went searching for "treasure" a few times.

In March, we decided we had had enough of the carpet in our living area!  We tore it all out, had plans for laminate flooring to be laid, then found out, when the flooring guys came, that the floors in our old house were too sloped to lay laminate.  We decided to go with resilient vinyl flooring, and it worked great!
I ran the Glass City 1/2 Marathon!  Despite having lots of knee pain, and thinking I wouldn't be capable of doing it, I completed it in just over two hours, and couldn't be more proud of this accomplishment!

Heaven gained an angel this month, as Matt's dad lost his valiant battle with brain cancer.  A few days later, Matt celebrated his 30th birthday with a heavy heart.
This month, we celebrated little Jameson's first birthday!
I celebrated having been running for one year this month.  I've given running a try in the past, and didn't stick with it.  But this time I've done great with it, so I felt I had reason to celebrate!
We did some camping this month, but not a lot, due to it being a miserably hot and humid summer.
August continued to be extremely hot and humid.  We didn't do too much this month.  I celebrated my birthday with a trip to Colorado Springs to see my cousin and her beautiful daughter.  It was very enjoyable!

We had to get all of our first-floor plumbing re-done.  In doing so, we re-did the bathroom floor!

We learned that Chief would not be renewing their contract with W. Newell.  This, in a nutshell, meant that Matt would potentially be out of a job after February.  We had a Spiderman and a Doctor Octopus for Halloween, and noticed in the days leading up to Halloween that Jameson wasn't acting normal.   

We started out this festive season with a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.  Despite the chaos that the diagnosis brought to our lives, we were able to enjoy the celebration of Hendrix turning three, and also a nice Thankgiving dinner, hosted by us!
This month we celebrated my niece's ninth birthday. We travelled to Indiana for a long Christmas weekend, and made time to visit all of our loved ones.  We had our first snowfall of the season, though it wasn't too much to get excited about.  In the last few days of the year, we are working on finalizing details of our move and getting our 4 and a half years worth of things in our home packed up and ready to be transported across the country.

I wish you all nothing but the best in the coming year.  For those of you in Ohio and Indiana - keep in touch and we will do the same!  God bless.

A 5-day Christmas Weekend!

I'm getting the weekend recap up late this week.  It's been a busy one! 

Friday, 21 December
I was off work on Friday.  I took Jameson to the pediatrician for his 18 month checkup.  Then, we came home and I packed the car for our Indiana trip.  We picked up Hendrix from daycare after his lunch, then drove to Muncie, IN to our good friends, Wade and Amy's house.  We had a taco bar for dinner, and watched classic Christmas movies while the kids played together.  It was great!

Saturday, 22 December
Amy outdid herself with breakfast!  We had scrambled eggs, sausage links, fried potatoes, and pancakes.  Mmmmmm.  She also has a Keurig, so I had my first k-cup experience.  It was awesome!  We headed out from the Kane's house around noon for Matt's youngest brother's house.  We got to Jon and Rachael's around 1 and had a lunch of sandwiches and chips.  We had Christmas in the afternoon, then Rachael made a rotini casserole and it was one of the best pasta dishes I've ever had!  I had two servings and was absolutely stuffed.  After dinner, we headed to Portland to stay at my mom and dad's house for my side of the family's Christmas the next day.

Sunday, 23 December
Mom and dad's church had cancelled their services, due to lots of ice on the roads and sidewalks around the church.  So it was kind of nice not to have to drive anywhere.  We got up Sunday morning and just had simple cereal and toast for breakfast.  My sister and her family arrived around 9 am, and we had our Christmas.  Again, very nice.  Then, we had the typical holiday spread for lunch:  turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and corn casserole.  So yummy!  Mom made her famous cheesecake for dessert.  After lunch, we watched football and just enjoyed family time.  We headed out around 3:45 pm to head back to Ohio.

Monday, 24 December
On Monday, we just relaxed and let the kids enjoy their new toys from the family.  I got started packing up the bookshelf area in our dining room. Matt ran to the store for a few groceries, and when he got back, he walked in the door carrying a Keurig coffee maker for me!!  I was so excited! I took the boys over to our friend, Angie's, house for dinner and a play date.  We got home around 8, gave the boys their baths, and put them to bed.  After we knew they were asleep, I brought down their presents, and Matt put together a wooden tool bench that "Santa" had gotten for Hendrix.

Tuesday, 25 December
The boys slept until 8!  I actually got up around 7:15 and started breakfast.  Please check out the recipe for what I made.  It's stinking delicious.  The boys opened their presents from Santa, then we had breakfast together.  Then, we just relaxed and didn't do much the rest of the day.  The boys played with their Christmas loot, I packed a few more small things, we all took small naps, and just enjoyed the day.  It was great!

We had a wonderful, family-filled weekend.  It was a weekend to celebrate being together, and also to say our goodbyes, as we are leaving for South Dakota one week from tomorrow, on Friday, January 3rd.  There was no shortage of tears shed as we hugged and parted ways from our families.  We will be back to visit as much as we can, however, and we are stepping out in faith and going where we feel God leading us right now.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas weekend as much as we did.  Time to ring in the new year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taking Our Adventures West

I titled this blog "The Metz Family Adventures," because Matt and I always joke that everything we ever do turns into an adventure. Things in our life are rarely simple or uneventful!

Before everything unfolded with Jameson, we found out that Matt was facing being without a job come February. The account with which he works would not be renewing their contract with Matt's employer.

Matt began job searching right away. Then, on top of the prospect of joblessness, Jamers ended up in ICU, and we all know how that situation played out. God never gives you more than you can handle, right?

Well, then Matt was extended an offer from a company in Rapid City, South Dakota. He accepted that position.

We are in the process of packing up our lives, selling our house, getting set up with a pediatric endocrinologist in RC, finding a place to live, trying like heck to secure a job for me, finding daycare, and probably lots of other stuff that hasn't yet occurred to me. To say this past month to six weeks has been stressful would be the understatement of the year!

Matt will be flying out a day or two behind the boys and I. We will be setting out on Friday, January 3rd. We are going to take our time, make stops when we need to, and just go at our own pace. Barring any unforeseen travel complications, we plan on arriving to Rapid City early the following week.

Crazy? Stressful? Scary? Exciting? All of the above and more. I have so many emotions running around in my head and heart right now. I don't have words for them all, really.

But I believe that God has a plan for our family, and I'm doing my best to give it all to Him, as difficult as that is for me. If you're the praying kind of person, please keep our family in your prayers.

Big changes, and hopefully a new beginning with new opportunities. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's edition of the random - and often un related - thoughts running around in my head!

The amount of sugary treats at work for the holidays right now is crazy.  I had some of this pumpkin and cinnamon spice popcorn (with a peppermint cookie thrown in).  Delicious.

Then, more cookie deliciousness showed up.  Good grief.

During our girls' night on Saturday evening, I learned that a few of my girlfriends are developing a taste for merlot.  I've converted them! Wink wink.

Today is my Friday!  We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Indiana.  First stop tomorrow night is Alexandria, IN.  Then Saturday we are going to head to Elwood.  Saturday night, we are going to Portland.  Sunday morning we are heading back home so that we can be in our own home with our kids on Christmas morning.

I love pizza.  I love it even more when it's free.  We are having a luncheon meeting today for work.  There's free pizza. What a way to celebrate my Thriday!

My brother-in-law had a gun pulled on him last night (he is ok) and a student was stabbed to death last night at the University of Toledo.  Gone are the days where you can go somewhere and not have to worry about your safety.

I started a dreaded archive process at work this week.  That's where I run a report of all the files we have that were final billed in a specified date range, box them up, and send them off to the mines for storage.  It's a physically tough process and I'm always ready for it to be over as soon as it begins.  This is what I've accomplished in three days.

I just signed up for an online quilting class on I've been wanting to learn to quilt, so that I can use up all the fabric scraps I have laying around.  I'm so excited!

Is anyone else ready for Christmas to be over so that all of these sweets and calories will GO AWAY?!?

Stay tuned to the blog in the next few days for an announcement! 

In the mean time, enjoy the holiday weekend, and squeeze on all of your loved ones!

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fitness 2012 (Mission Bikini 2013): Week 50

I managed to get six workouts in this week and I'm so proud of myself!  Motivation has been lacking lately, and I'm trying to overcome it, especially this time of year, when calorie-laden snacks and goodies are abound.

Sunday 9 December

Monday 10 December
30 minutes elliptical

Tuesday 11 December
3.25 mile treadmill run @ 2% incline
6.3 mph

Wednesday 12 December
30 minutes elliptical

Thursday 13 December
30 minutes cardio (living room workout)

Friday 14 December
30 minutes elliptical

Saturday 15 December
3.37 mile run outside
Average pace was 8:37!!  Woo hoo!

Miles for the week: 6.62
Miles for December: 11.44
Miles for 2012: 318.03

Weekend Recap: Enjoying Home and a Girls' Night

After travelling to Indiana the past two weekends, we were looking forward to staying home and relaxing this weekend!

Friday, 14 December
I had an appointment right after work, and I didn't get home until around 7 pm on Friday.  Bleh.  The boys had already eaten (as I requested them to), so I got home just in time for play.  Perfect! 

Saturday, 15 December
The nuggets had me up at 6:15 on Saturday morning.  Once they were fed, I cleaned up the kitchen, and let them watch a bit of TV, as I usually do on weekend mornings.  Once the kitchen was in order, the TV went off and we played.  We got out the Legos, built choo-choo train tracks, colored pictures, and played super heroes.  Saturday evening, I went out for dinner with my best girlfriends.  I love them.  We enjoyed some wine and delicious Italian food at Biaggi's.  There aren't that many Biaggi's locations yet, but I'm telling you - if you have the opportunity to eat at one - DO IT!  It's my favorite restaurant.  Sooooo delicious.

Sunday, 16 December
Sunday was more of what Friday evening and Saturday were - lots of playing, relaxing, and a bit of house cleaning.  We watched football, had chicken quesadillas for dinner, and enjoyed being a family.  I'm guessing that Matt and I weren't the only families that were taking extra opportunities to squeeze their children extra tight this weekend.

Daddy put some pomade in Hendrix's hair.  He was just too handsome.

This little heartbreaker will now smile on command. 

One of the kids' favorite activities is emptying out our corner cupboard and climbing in it.  Hendrix was already inside the cupboard, and Jameson thought he needed to join him.  Didn't work out too well!

Painting on Sunday afternoon.

These little boys bring so much joy to my life.  I can't begin to describe it.

If you have children, please give them extra squeezes today, and every day, for those who are no longer able to.  My family continues to pray for peace for those who are hurting so much right now.

26 Things in 2012 that Have Restored our Faith in Humanity

In a dark, evil world, it's good to know that there are still positive things happening all around us. 

If everyone would vow to do just one good deed such as the ones on that list, imagine the difference it would make. 

Spread love, my friends.  We need it now, more than ever.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Don't judge.  It's been an incredibly long and trying week.

This is waiting for me when I get home tonight. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's edition of the random - and often un-related - thoughts running around in my head!

One of my biggest pet peeves about being healthy and watching calories is when people give you crap about it.  For example, comments such as these make me want to smack people:
"Oh come on, you need to eat more than that!"
"Please, it's not like you need to watch your calories. You're thin."

I'm not thin, I'm fit.  And I got this way by exercising and - oh, I don't know - WATCHING MY CALORIES.  Ok, I apologize.  Rant over.  Rant was provoked by our catered holiday lunch at work yesterday and this is what I ate, and apparently it wasn't enough:

Garden salad with cheese and croutons with french dressing.  Mmm.

Mashed potatoes (with cheese and bacon in them), beef in gravy (under the veggies) and steamed veggies.

It was all extremely delicious and it was more than I normally eat for lunch, thankyouverymuch.
(Ok, rant is really over now.  Moving on.)

I put this on Instagram yesterday, but have to share it again.  Hendrix brought his first drawing of people home from school on Tuesday.  It's a picture of daddy (on top) and myself (underneath).  I'm keeping this forever and ever.

Matt's out of town tonight for a meeting in the morning.  I have no meat thawed, nothing in the crock pot, and no frozen pizza in my freezer.  I think this calls for a McDonald's night - since Hendrix is always begging for me to take him there. :)

My rants and ramblings are few today, folks. Have a great Thursday evening!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

D-Talk: Another Low Day

Jameson had a low day yesterday.  He was 265 when he woke up in the morning, which isn't unusual.

I was going into work early, because Jameson has an appointment with the endocrinologist in the morning, and I was making up the hours.  Matt was in the shower, so I stuck my head in and relayed all the pertinent information to him - his blood sugar reading, what he was eating, how many carb choices it was, etc (diabetes has made our household even more like running a business than it was before!!). Then I smooched the monsters and headed out the door. 

Matt called me around 7, when I was at my desk.  He said that Jameson had pulled away during the insulin injection, and he wasn't sure how much insulin he had actually gotten.  (Though we think he probably got the full dose.)  Matt was worried that it would affect his sugar.  If it did, however, he would be running high, rather than low.  Matt advised Ms. Tina when he dropped him off at daycare.

Last night, we got a letter (literally - on a piece of notebook paper - ha!) from Jameson's teacher, Ms. Carly advising us that he was 46 at lunch, and after nap, he was 50, I think (I don't remember the exact reading).  She handled it perfectly - giving him his free carbs at lunch and juice after nap time.  But we're not sure why he was running so low.

At bedtime, he was only 74 - after he had eaten his teddy grahams. 

I checked him when I went to bed at 9:30 (yes, I'm old and I go to bed at that time quite often).  He was still at 74. Grr. 

So I set my alarm for 2 am and checked him.  He was at 184.  Phew.  All was well this morning at breakfast, too, with a reading of 139. 

I'm not sure what all the lows were about, but what stuck out most to me about yesterday was that Jameson didn't wake up for either of the night time checks last night.  He was sleeping barefoot, with his knees tucked under his tummy, and his little tootsies were exposed, which worked out perfectly - both times!  I used the flashlight feature on my phone, set the lancet depth as low as I could (with fingers crossed that I could get enough blood), and pricked his tiny little tootsies.  He flinched, but never woke up. 

I can't decide - Is that awesome?  Or is that pathetically sad?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Adventures with Lucky

Lucky (the mascot for Hendrix's pre-school class) got to come stay with us for six whole days!  He came home on a Tuesday night, and stayed through Sunday night.  The boys (and Corduroy) loved him!

Weeknights at our house are pretty much the same every day.  We get home from work, have dinner, play, take baths, brush teeth, read stories, go to bed.  So Tuesday through Friday night weren't too exciting, really.  But Hendrix took good care of Lucky, by assuring that he brushed his teeth each night.  Lucky got to sleep in the top bunk with Hendrix at bedtime, too.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Indiana (our 2nd of 3 Indiana trips this month) for my niece's 9th birthday party.  It was a skating party.  Rylee just adores her cousins, and they love her too!  We got to Indiana early so that we could spend some time at my parents' house.  The boys played and we had lunch together.  Then we headed to the skating rink.  I haven't set foot in this skating rink in at least 15 years, but nothing about it has changed!  It's crazy. :)

Lucky (and Jameson) thought the lights dancing across the floor were pretty cool.  Hendrix was very busy playing on the little indoor play equipment they had.  Lucky spent most of his time at the skating rink with Jameson, who was pretty much in LOVE with him.  They played on the seating benches and had lots of fun together.

We got back home Saturday evening and all went to bed kind of early, because we were tired from our trip.  On Sunday, we just stayed at home and had a lazy day around the house.  Hendrix was very good about making sure Lucky had "food and water" at all times.  Our dog, Corduroy, was a little jealous of Lucky, and was just sure that Lucky's toy was for him.  He wasn't too happy with us when we kept taking it away from him!

So we've decided that Jameson needs to ask Santa for a fluffy, stuffy, dog for Christmas.  To say there were no arguments over who got to play with Lucky would be a flat-out lie. :)  As you can see from the following picture, Jameson adored Lucky.

Hendrix loved him too!

We enjoyed our time with Lucky and hope he has fun with his other Willow friends as well!

Woof, woof, Lucky!

Monday, December 10, 2012

D-Talk: Jameson's track marks

My poor little piggy is showing signs of being a junkie.  An insulin junkie, that is. :(

Small bruises on his tummy from the injections.

Bruises/scratches on his arm.  (He moves his arm sometimes before we remove the needle, and it scratches or cuts his skin....)

I hate seeing his little bruised body, but I suppose bruises and scratches are a good alternative to hospitalization or worse, right?