Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Bring it on!

I haven't been too "dead set" on making resolutions this year, like I usually am. I suppose I should try to keep at least a few, right? :) It seems like they're the same year after year, and I don't imagine that 2012 will be much different, but here goes!

1) PAY OFF DEBT AND SAVE! We have a lot of medical bills from surgeries/births/etc. We have less than a year until my car is paid off. I stilllllllllll have my student loans. Boo. I'd love to make a big dent in these debts this year, and work on putting money away (with no general purpose). We are going to be saving for our trip to Cancun in October (I hope I hope I hope), but we need to also work on just saving for emergencies, etc.

2) RUN 1/2 MARATHON. I'm feeling anxious about this one. The race is 4 months away, so I still have time, but 13.1 miles is a long race!! I'm going to keep working towards it, and if I am unable to do it, I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

3) KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN ON A MORE REGULAR BASIS. Let me specify. My house isn't dirty. Like, no 1/2 inch thick layer of dust on stuff, bugs in my kitchen from old food, carpets are black instead of tan kind of dirty. But with a 2 year old and a 6 month old, you can imagine how busy we are, and picking up and keeping organized are sometimes put on the back burner. But, having a cluttered house is super stressful to Matt and I, and I know that if we worked a little harder each day at putting everything back in its place, and the house felt more picked up, that we'd be much happier and less stressed!

4) GIVE 100% IN EVERYTHING AT WORK. I feel like, now that I'm getting out of my horrible, wretched department at work, that I've been given a fresh start, a new chance at success. I want to make sure I do everything right, to the best of my ability, and be proactive in looking for things I can do to improve the professional view that others keep about me. I'm really excited to start training this week, and I think its going to be great!

5) TAKE MORE TIME TO JUST FORGET ABOUT LIFE'S STRESSES AND PLAY WITH MY KIDS! This one is slightly counter-intuitive of #3, but whatever. :) I'm finding it unbelievable that 1/2 of my sweet baby's 1st year is over already. The second child goes much faster than the first, but both of them are growing right before my eyes. I'm going to blink, and they'll both be teenagers, coming home from school, locking themselves in their rooms, and listening to music and playing video games, only surfacing for meals. I want to be the best mommy I can be, and enjoy all the small moments with my small treasures. <3

Well, I think that's that! Wishing everyone luck in sticking with their resolutions. Happy 2012!

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