Monday, January 9, 2012

Ok.....I need about $500 to just go shopping! I know, I know: who doesn't?

My professional wardrobe is in desperate need of an update!!! I was able to scrape by on what I had in my closet for the past three years in the call center. Black pants, gray pants, brown pants, cheap sweaters from Dots, etc etc etc. Now that I'm moving downstairs to another department, I've noticed that the women down there (well, most of them - the young ones at least) dress pretty nicely. I could continue to get by on what I have, but I feel all blahhhhh when I'm down there in my basic "business casual" wardrobe, and these other women are in nice dresses, slacks, and beautiful shoes! I feel like I have 5 outfits, and I wear them each week in rotation. Borrrrring.

I need:
3-4 pairs of nice slacks (brown, black, gray)
several nice dressy shirts
3-4 pairs of nice shoes

I hope to spend the next 3 months shopping for and finding cheap, but pretty fabric, and making myself 5-10 new skirts for the spring/summer/fall months. I just read a tutorial about shirring fabric, and hope to use that technique for the waistline in at least a couple of these skirts. Exciting! More to come as I shop, sew, and update my work wardrobe! :)

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