Monday, January 30, 2012

Our weekend: 1/27-1/30

Friday evening, Matt was on his way home from a meeting in Champaign, and didn't get home until almost 8 pm. I picked up the boys, and ordered pizza and cheesy bread for dinner. Yum!

Matt got home, and stated he didn't feel well, and I could tell he wasn't in good shape. Saturday morning, I got up at my normal during-the-week time, because I was taking Hendrix to the Shrine Circus in Fort Wayne! Matt had been up in the night, sick, but stated he felt well enough to care for Jameson, so I left Jamers at home, and Hendrix and I drove to Fort Wayne to meet up with my mom and dad, sister, and Rylee. Hendrix and Rylee went into the petting zoo before the show, and both just had a blast. Hendrix was so funny, he'd pet one of the animals, it would move, and he'd just giggle and giggle! The actual circus lasted just over two hours, so - as one would imagine - Hendrix started getting antsy about 1/2 way through, so we walked the corridors a bit, but over all, he really enjoyed it. His favorite parts had to be the elephants and the tigers. :)

Hendrix and Rylee with granny and grandfather.

The kids with my parents again, after the show. Hendrix looks kinda scared of the creepy white-faced man here! :)

The trapeze artists. These guys had my stomach doing flip-flops during the entire act!

The pretty white horses.

Rahhhrrrr - tigers!

After the circus, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then headed back home. We got home around 3 pm, and Matt was still feeling pretty blah. So I took care of the boys the rest of the evening, and he recuperated. However, I began to feel very blah around 5 pm.

We both woke up Sunday, feeling pretty good, so we cleaned up the kitchen and caught up on the mountain of laundry that was so patiently waiting for us! We were getting ready to head into town, and all of the sudden, Matt's sickness hit me. My stomach was very uneasy, and I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon/evening in the bathroom. ICK!

We're both back in business today, but we didn't get a whole lot accomplished over the weekend. I'd like to focus on cleaning the house this week, but it's always so difficult when you're tired from a day of working, then you need to use the last bit of energy you have left to play with and care for the monsters. We'll just see what happens.

I also haven't sewn for over a week. I'm working on making a quilt/blanket out of Hendrix and Jameson's clothing that they've outgrown. I have three rows (of probably about 10) finished, and really want to get that finished up so I can start sewing skirts to wear to work this spring. Hopefully I can get some sewing done this week, or this coming weekend.

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