Monday, January 2, 2012

Running and Exercise Stats (01/01-01/07)

I almost refuse to make any weight-loss/diet related New Year's Resolution, just because of all those *resolutionaries* out there who join gyms and eat like rabbits for 4-5 weeks, then give up each January or February. But, in my defense, I've been running since July, and I'm darn PROUD of my dedication!! I'm feeling a bit in a "blah" slump right now, and just want to be lazy, but at the same time, I feel super fat and gross whenever I don't work out, so hopefully that's enough motivation to keep me going right now! That and the fact that swimsuit season is a mere 5 months away.......eep. And Cancun (geesh I hope we can work it out to go) is 9 months from now.

I keep telling myself, "Imagine how awesome you'll look in June if you keep up this hard-core dedication for the next 5 months." I also want to keep track of the number of miles I run this year, and the approximate number of calories I can burn. That'll be some motivation for me as well. I also think that once I'm on days again, it'll get less difficult to fit my workouts in, especially once warmer weather and longer daylight hours arrive. Here goes - Fitness 2012:

Sunday 01/01: Pure and complete laziness. Happy New Year. :)

Monday 01/02: 3.25 miles on treadmill at work, @ 5.9 mph
Calories burned: 344

Tuesday 01/03: Rest Day

Wednesday 01/04: 3.25 miles on treadmill at work @ 5.9 mph
Calories burned: 344

Thursday 01/05: Rest day

Friday 01/06: Rest Day

Saturday 01/07: Rest Day

Sunday 01/08: 4 miles - pace around 9:40

Total Miles for the week: 10.5

I think its a logical and achievable goal to run at least 10 miles a week this year. That will put me at over 500 miles for the year. Cool, huh?

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