Monday, February 20, 2012

Geocaching Adventure

Well, as I mentioned a couple days ago, I've discovered and have been researching the game of geocaching. It's a hobby that's a bit "geeked out," I know. Matt has been borderline making fun of me (in a loving way of course) but I don't care. I found the lizard geocache the other night on my run, and knew that there are several more hidden in close proximity to our house. So I planned on finding more!

I decided to take Hendrix with me, for a little "treasure-hunting" adventure for him, and also just to get the kid out of the house for some fresh (BRISK!) air. We went across the street and found the lizard cache again. You can see from his curious face that he wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he thought he was cool!

After re-finding the lizard, we moved on to the far west end of Grand Rapids. Without revealing the location (sorry, I'm a geocacher now....can't reveal our secrets to muggles ----THAT, folks, seriously makes me laugh), I'll say that we found our second cache in a magnetic container, attached to the inside of a metal covering on a utility pole. It took a bit of searching - more than the 1st one I found - but it wasn't too difficult to locate. It was a small box and contained the log, and a couple decorative erasers. We didn't have anything to leave in the cache, so we didn't take anything. But I'm tellin' ya, the thrill of finding it was enough for me. I was so geeked and excited!

After making sure all of our bills and necessary items are paid for, I think I'm going to download the geocaching app for my iPhone. Seriously hoping for some warmer temps next weekend! :)

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