Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My life, in pictures

I once again did a horrendous job of taking a photo-a-day. I took 2. Yup. I'm that awesome. The funny part though, is that they totally contradict each other!! Check it out:

Monday 2/20:

My loaded salad. There's nothing better than a loaded chef salad with yummy dressing! Lettuce, ham, chicken, boiled egg, garbanzo beans (necessary), salad toppers, cheese, and croutons. Be jealous. It was amazing.

Tuesday 2/21:

Now, let's go from healthy to diet-wrecker. But seriously - these things are soooooo awesome, no? I have yet to figure out why a Reece's tastes so much better when in egg form, than the normal, crimped-edged cup.

And, that is all. I promise, I'll try to do better this week on pics. I'm not running this week, so I should have more time, right? :o(

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