Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Know Stephanie Better

My Dream House

My dream house would be located very near to where I currently live. Matt and I aren't from Ohio. We've lived over here for almost 4 years now, and it's definitely feeling like home these days. When we travel to Indiana to visit family, I no longer say, "We're going home for a visit." When we "go home," its when we travel back to Ohio. I love where we live. Grand Rapids is such a cute and quiet little burg, and it feels very safe.

That being said, if I were able to build my dream house, I'd buy a plot of wooded land, right along the Maumee river. We'd clear out enough of the woods to have a big yard for the boys. I'd have a two story house, though if money were no object, I'd install an elevator! The house would also have a full finished basement.

So, we'll start from the ground up. :) The finished basement would be the square footage of the whole house. It'd have carpet, a pool table, and a wet bar! We'd have a little home theatre with a projection screen on the wall with a huge comfy sectional couch on which to watch movies.

On the first floor, we'd have somewhat dark colored hardwood floors throughout. In my kitchen, I'd have stainless steel appliances, my microwave over my oven (hey, I appreciate the small things in life!). We'd have very tall ceilings, with wood beams showing. There'd be a bath and a half downstairs, along with the living room, a dining room, and a home office.

Upstairs, there'd be 4 bedrooms (one of which is our master suite), and another full bath. I like carpet in bedrooms, so we'd have nice soft carpet all throughout the second floor, though the stairs would be wooden, to match the floors on the 1st level. At the top of the stairs, there'd be a balcony area where you could look down on the living room. We'd have a small balcony off of our second story master suite, too!!

There would be a 4 car heated garage - for when the boys start driving, of course. Outside of our house, we'd have a nice decorative stone patio with pretty landscaping. We'd have an in ground pool, and a LOT of lush green grass to run around on, and throw a football on (with a hired guy that looks good without his shirt on to maintain it all, of course!) The river would be visible from our yard, and we would be able to sit out on our patio on summer evenings with a glass of wine and listen to the sounds of the river.

This may not sound like anything too exciting to some people. I don't need a castle. I don't need my house to be built on a sea cliff in southern Italy (though I'm not arguing that that wouldn't be nice!). I'd just like a nice, newly built large home in which to raise my two boys. Maybe someday........

***sighs longingly***

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