Monday, February 13, 2012

My Life, in pictures...

Sunday, 2/5: Superbowl goodies! Nacho dip and zucchini brownies. Mmm.

Monday 2/6: Sewing supplies for a skirt tutorial I want to eventually get to.

Tuesday 2/7: (This was taken by the babysitter - I can't take credit) Hendrix with his buddies Wes and Tyler, looking out the window at a tractor!

Wednesday 2/8: Fresh pineapple - Yummmmm!

Thursday 2/9: (Babysitter took this - Again, I can't take credit) Hendrix and Wes napping together on the couch. Love this! <3

Saturday 2/11: My smeared, running mascara after an extremely COLD (and short) run. Brrr!

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