Monday, February 20, 2012

My Life, in Pictures...

Well, it's been another week of me not going so great with snapping a picture every day. Really, Steph. How hard is it? Anyway, here's what I got this past week:

Monday 2:13:

Something melodious. My favorite band, Camila!

Tuesday 2:14:

My routine - at least 64 ounces of water a day! (I'm working on upping that to around 80.....that's a LOT of water, by the way.) Got the off-brand of the Mio to give my water a little taste. It's not too bad!

Friday 2/17:

Something fat - ok, i totally made that up. While my little piggy is quite the fatty pants, he's just too darn adorable to NOT take pictures of him! This is him in the bath with brother, who thought he needed to wear a rag on his head.

Saturday 2/18:

Hendrix, who fell this weekend and kissed the pavement. Poor guy busted both his top and bottom lips, and scraped his chin pretty good. Luckily, no teeth were chipped or knocked loose.

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