Monday, February 27, 2012

A "pictureful" post about our weekend geocaching adventure!

I found (with my H's help of course) 3 caches yesterday, which brings my total up to 5 now. Not a lot, by any standards, but seeing as I've only been geocaching for 2 weeks, I'm happy with that! Let me tell you, having very young kids makes finding time to do things such as geocaching extremely difficult!!

My first cache was located Sunday morning, on my long-ish run. It was just shy of 3 miles northeast, located on the towpath. Perfect. So I headed out. Turns out, my iPhone GPS has been remarkable accurate. I found this cache pretty quickly. As you can see, it was rigged by a pulley-like device, and it was hanging up high in a tree.

It required that I unwind the twine, and lower it down.

So I did, of course. It was a typical cache, with just some simple toys and tradeable in it.

But it was placed in honor of the hider's friend, who had passed away suddenly and tragically (no details).

That was it for my morning caching. I finished up my run, and headed home. But that afternoon, after Hendrix woke up from his nap, we headed back out to log a couple more! The were both located in the Beaver Creek Preserve, about a mile from our house.

To say it was muddy would be an understatement! The high on Sunday was near 43 degrees, and the sun was shining. The ground was NOT frozen, and where we were walking had no grass. You get the picture. The first cache was in a grove of trees, which you can see below. Getting to it was kind of crazy. I ended up carrying H part of the way, due to basically having to bushwhack our way to the woods! :)

We found the first container after about 5 minutes of searching. It was located under a big piece of tree bark.

Hendrix helped me open it to discover its contents!

As you can see, the container was pretty water-logged. It contained a couple small tradeables.

We covered it back up as we found it, and headed on for the next cache. It was cold, and we were caked in mud. I kept asking Hendrix if he wanted to keep searching, or go home. The little trooper wanted to "find more treasure!"

The next cache was about 500 feet from the first. We just walked to it. It was near this log jam in the creek. Nature can do some crazy things. Impressive, huh?

This little man insists on wearing this hat anywhere we go. You can never see his eyes, and I don't know how he sees where he's going, but.....try reasoning with a two-year-old. Let me know how that goes for ya.

After a short amount of searching.....we located it!

The cache was the same as the others that I/we'd come across. Just trinkets and tradeables. I'm waiting for that cache that wows me a bit more.

Hendrix liked this one a lot though, and latched onto a plastic toy panda bear (which you can't see in the above picture because it was in his hands!). "Sorry, buddy. We didn't bring anything to trade, we gotta leave the bear in there."

And lastly, a picture of our shoes after our geocaching trek through the wintertime wilderness. You better believe these things got pounded and shaken off, then made a beeline straight into the washing machine!

It was a fun little adventure for my little blond man and I. I've got my eyes on a few more nearby caches I'd like to try and find this coming weekend. Hopefully it won't be such a muddy trek this time! And it'll also be March this weekend. Come on, nature. Warmer temps very much welcomed!!!

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