Monday, February 13, 2012

Pre-spring cleaning - how'd it go?

Remember this post? I wanted to use this weekend to get started on my pre-spring cleaning, in hopes that if I started early enough, I'd maybe be able to accomplish everything I hoped to this year.

I said I wasn't going to make a list, but you know me...... Here's my list, and you can see what got crossed off this weekend (in black, italic font).

Clean Oven ----- it's now sparkling!
Clean out microwave
Wipe out cupboards
Clean out fridge
Mop floor
Clean ceiling fan ----- no more dust bunnies up there.

Clean light fixtures
Organize medicine cabinet
Unclog sink
Scour sink and shower
Scour toilet
Re-Organize closet

Dining Room
Organize bookshelf/desk
Mop floor
Clean window/sliding glass doors
Clean table (including the boys' chairs) ---- Table is nice and be continued.
Clean ceiling fan ---- no more dust bunnies!

Laundry Room
Dust off water heater
Organize "pantry" area

Living Room
Dust everything
Clean carpet
Clear off/organize hearth
Wash windows
Clean ceiling fans

Organize closets
Clean ceiling fans
Dust everything
Re-arrange furniture
Get rid of toys from the toy-room, re-organize it.

Not too great, huh? I'm going to keep at it though. I want all this list to be in black, italic font before April gets here. That gives me about a month and a half. I can do this!

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