Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I want to learn....

We're never too old to learn. We should never stop trying, right?

I've decided that I want to learn something new, and spend the rest of 2012 getting better at it. What, you might ask, do I want to get better at? Thrifting!

It seems that money is always tight. I'm frugal by nature, anyway (thanks, dad). I'm crafty (or at least try to be), and love DIY projects. I can sew (not splendidly, but enough), and I always love scoring a good deal. Do you think I'm the right candidate for thrifting? Yeah, I think so too. :)

In order to make this cheap-o dream a reality, I need to make time to go to the thrift store sans kids. My kids are usually pretty well-behaved in public, but when you're out shopping with a child under a year old and a just-potty-trained 2 year old, you're kind of like a ticking time bomb.

Some things I've learned through research of thrifting are:

Take your time. There's a LOT of stuff in thrift shops. Usually all piled, or messily hung on racks, and it can be very overwhelming. Sort through things slowly, and take the time to try things on.

Don't feel like you need to leave the store having made a purchase. If I don't find something that wows me that day, it's ok.

Set a schedule. Pick a day and time each week to do thrifting. Thrift stores are getting new merchandise all the time, and if you go on a regularly scheduled time, you're more likely to find some good stuff.

Go during off times. This would be any time that's NOT the weekend or holidays, pretty much.

Think: re-purpose. This is the one I'm excited about! I can re-use a pretty fabric to sew a purse, or paint a fun design on a blah pair of flats. Oh yes. This will happen.

I'm sure there are millions more tidbits of advice floating around out there, but I think this is a good start. I'm anxious to find a small block of time to scour goodwill! :) I'll let you know what I find!

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